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I'm going to take the plunge this winter with Wii Fit U so my girlfriend and I can play. Also, she'd slap the taste out of my mouth if I bought this thng today, because I'm still playing Gamecube, PS3 and Wii games anyway.

Off topic, I was at Best Buy Sunday, and there were a ton of kids with their parents hovering around the Wii U playing Mario. I will never deny the power of a Nintendo system to compel people. It either inspires love or hate, but it gets the attention regardless.



I also just recently purchased the Wii U after debating whether to get one or not since Christmas. I'm now very glad I did. I also got Nintendoland, Lego City, Black ops 2, Mario U and Zombie U. Whilst purchasing Donkey Kong and Star wars pinball from the Nintendo shop. Next week I'm look forward to picking up Pickmin 3 and Luigi U.

My Wii U has rejuvenated my faith in Nintendo. Big thumbs up...


So I've had my Wii U for about a day total now. Man, those updates took awhile!!! But now that I'm past that I've dove into New Super Mario Bros U and am loving every second of it. What a wonderful game. I missed out on the Wii generation, so I have no shortage of games to play. I've played some Super Mario Galaxy and was floored. Clearly its going to be great. I love the gamepad interface. Checked out the Miiverse a bit, posted some about NSMBU, read a lot of posts and I love the atmosphere there. Much more positive than anything else you normally see in gaming communities.

Anyway, just checking back in, got to get back to the games!! Can't wait for Pikmin 3!!

P.S. I will take full credit for these reports of Wii U sales boost. Pikmin 3 release in Japan had nothing to do with it. It was me. I'm sure of this.



I've had mine since launch month. I was going to hold off for a few more months, but then I wound up winning a $70 gift card, knocking the price of the Deluxe Wii U down considerably. I really love Mario, and Mass Effect and Call of Duty Wii U versions blow my PS3 and Xbox out of the water. I own a lot of virtual console games, and maybe like 5 actual Wii U titles, not including the little indie titles. I couldn't be happier, unless of course Fallout 3 came out for it, with the controller as the pit-boy.... oooo my



Quick! Return it while you still can!

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