Topic: Just a shame there's no cross-platform games on Wii U

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Mario crosses platforms all the time you silly gooses. u_u

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AlexSays wrote:

SCAR392 wrote:

I don't know what to tell you, bro.

I'd tell him to stop comparing the Wii U online to Steam..

I agree. This is probably the best anyone can say.




I think @Gioku meant that the 3DS has many more first part games that take advantage of Online play or DLC in some form. The Wii U in general hasn't had that many third party games have online play. Even with games it would make sense for like Pikmin o Nintendoland.


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In the future companies will want more control over not only their products but their servers too. I think Cross-Platform will become more popular in the future. I would actually like Microsoft to revisit their Games for Windows thing (just better...) because playing Shadowrun on PC with my brother next to me on 360 was awesome

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Keep the Wii U and get yourself a Steam Box... You won't need any of the other worthless consoles with these 2 mofos locking it down




AlexSays wrote:

SCAR392 wrote:

I don't know what to tell you, bro.

I'd tell him to stop comparing the Wii U online to Steam..

True, it's better to compare the Wii U online to GFWL

Hey at least it has Mii-Verse which ironically compliments single player games better than the multi-player games are complimenting themselves.



If there was cross-platform multiplayer implemented on all the games on the Wii U, the online numbers wouldn't be so low... But then again, there isn't cross-platform multiplayer on many games in general, then yeah, sell the system and buy a PS4, PC, One, PS3, 360, or Wii and enjoy playing online with hundreds of thousands of people.

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DarkwingLz wrote:

Multi-platform? There's Call of Duty, Rayman Legends, etc.

you say etc, because sadly thats about all their is =[ i wish it had a bigger stance on multiplayer gaming myself, this isint 1985 where everybody still lives near each other, its almost 2014.

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