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I found that when the Wii U goes in "sleep mode," simply moving the GamePad wakes it back up.

Just thought that was cool.

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you would think that the motion sensors would also be off but i guess nit!

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Does Wii U have a true sleep mode? I'd love to be able to suspend it (have the controller turn off and the console go into a low power mode) so I don't have to boot it up and restart my game every time I want to play.



If you were to move someone when they were sleeping, they'd probably wake back up as well. Nintendo probably put that in because they want your Wii U to be ready for anything when you pick up that gamepad.

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Yukari_Sendo wrote:

Didn't think it had sleep mode...kinda figured it would just...shut off if you left it alone or something, lol

You can set it so the system shuts off after an hour or more if you do not play touch anything. Otherwise there is also the screen darkening if untouched for some minutes, which is what I assume the topic creator is talking about! but that's not really a sleep mode.

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it is kind of neat, but kind of a pain too. like if your watching netflix and you bump it. also the fact that you cant turn off the gamepad (easily if at all) while watching netflix is a pain too.

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