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More apps set to come to the Japanese Wii U eShop in early 2013.

The first is a Japanese food delivery service app called Demae-can. With this, they'll be able to order pizza, curry and more straight from their TVs.

The second, YNN, is a video service, where they'll have access to things like movies, sports, anime et al.

Both services require a membership, of course.

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MMMMmmmm! Pizza and beer



I thought when you order a wii u you get a free pizza :/

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sir_Anthony wrote:

I thought when you order a wii u you get a free pizza :/

lol! That's exactly what I thought!

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Misleading title is very misleading..

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@mudjo: Sigh. Look at the original post again.



I want to order dominoes pizza from my wii-U.

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Even though it's 9am where I'm at for the moment, pizza sounds really good right now.

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@mudjo: Apologies, I fail. I've fixed it now.



Lol that reminds me of the MMORPG Everquest II where they had a deal with Pizza Hut a several years ago where you could order pizza while playing the game by just typing /pizza in the chat box.

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This certainly isn't going to help the disproportionate obesity affecting gamers.

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So a WiiU can't toast bread? But it can order pizza? OOHHH k

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Why have toast when you can have pizza?

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we can just order from just eat using the wii u browser cant we =D

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