Topic: ITT: We try to give actual lyrics to the song featured in X's second trailer

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When I went to school that morning
I tripped over a pothole,and ended up in
a eternal sleep.

But I woke up in the future,to the year god knows what,
Where the people speak Japanese and wear funny cat ears.
But the strangest thing that I have seen is we have no more cars,
instead we drive Optimus Prime,to travel the vast jungle land.

So know now I've been told that I'm a special child,a child with a ancient
magical ability,that will save the day,and kill the evil that spreads this land
So I take my giant sword,twice the size of me,and chop through loads of
monsters and end up getting married to a girl with an annoying voice.

So this is my journey,join me,buy a Wii U,and buy X,cause if you
don't buy this game, you are a bad person inside.

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I'm in a big effin mech suit yee ha! yee who! yee hey!

GTFO of me way!



MadAussieBloke wrote:

I'm in a big effin mech suit yee ha! yee who! yee hey!

GTFO of me way!

You win the game.

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Poyo! Poyoo♪
Oooh Poyyooo. Poyo Poyo!♪
Poyo! Poyo Poyyy yo yo!♪
Po o yooohhh yo yooohhh!♪
Oh poyo yo yoooooohhhh yo yo♪
Po yo yooo yo yo!♪
(Translator back online)
You can't beat those lyrics.

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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