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Hey Nintendolife, I have an HP w1858 computer monitor which i've been using to play my ps3 games. I hooked up and HDMI to DVI cable for the video and used the ps3's component cables for the sound. Now that I just bought the wii u, I tried using that same setup to play my games in HD. The video works great! The monitor, however, is not making any sound. Is there anyway I can fix this?
I already tried messing around in the settings to try and fix it, but I couldn't come up with anything.

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Turn up the gamepad Nah, sorry, i can't help. I dunno if anyone else has tried this

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Well that's disheartening, that's the same setup I was planning to use...

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You can either use HDMI or component, but not both.

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You can't get audio over DVI - it's all video, albeit digital or analog.

More detail than you'd care to know about at

Whatever audio signal is being carried over the hdmi stops at the adapter.

Still, it''s a bit sucky if the audio cannot be processed separately.
Not everyone likes the sound from TV speakers nor can they afford to route the sound via a hdmi receiver. For my PS3, I bought a cheap 2nd hand Yamaha bookshelf amp that had digital and analog audio input and I was planning to use that for the Wii U too.

Is there a pdf manual for the Wii U we can reference?
EDIT - Never mind, found it, read, nothing specifically mentions AV selection but there should be more to it than that.... shouldn't there ?

I had a link here but it related to forwarding the audio out of a TV to an amplifier- once the tv has processed the hdmi audio, which doesn't help you.

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There are adapters that have HDMI as input and then separate audio and dvi/vga as output, just look for them on Amazon. They are a bit more pricey than normal adapters though but definitely cheaper than going for a home-cinema setup or another monitor.

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You got me curious Scollurio, so I checked 'em out.
At the cheapo end, you have cables but they do not convert, only combine a cable like the setup that OP had for his PS3.
Then there's the $133 unit which only forwards non-hdcp audio so no surround-sound. The next price is a hike to $195 but it splits off the audio into a TOSLINK fibre-optic so thete's another $55 for the adapter to convert to analog audio.
Pretty sure that for US$250 you could buy a decent 1080p led tv or monitor but I doubt the OP would want to spend that much.
It was interesting having a look, though


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