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In the past few weeks we've seen the headlines. Many apps are being recalled because of child safety concerns.

before I get started here I gota ask ... are there other apps that got recalled for that reason? I know there was swapnote which honestly no one seemed to care much about until they cut spotpass for it. I know there was flipnotes friend gallery getting cut. outside of that though was there anything else that's been recalled? also wouldn't swapnote have just been rendered pointless anyway since (assuming I remember right, but please correct me if im wrong) 3DS will have miiverse soon anyway? plus you cant exchange notes with people without being friends, so (considering you need to exchange friend codes to know each other) shouldn't that imply that you still have another way to communicate with whoever it is you cant exchange notes with anymore?

as for my answer, as long as Nintendo keeps providing me with fun and enjoyable games then I don't think i'll lose patience for them

The only other way to communicate is through 3DS status updates, which only have about ten character spots. And I suppose I may have been exaggerating on the "many" part.

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Short answer, yes.
Longer answer; the biggest problems for me is the lack of games, and that they seem to be so stubborn when it comes to staying updated to the modern world with online,connectivity, streaming, online coop games or online in general etc.
And i really hate the path they are taking with the few games I/we - were/are looking forward to, like NSMB, galaxy and 2d/3d mario. Its gone from a mature Mario64 that gave people a challenge and a sence of freedom or room for creativity, to chidlish mario thats linear, wierd and no skill demanding at all.
Seems like they think the age group 15-40 is OK because we have been given COD, AC, batman etc, but they are all bad games and even to late. And we that buy a Nintendo, dont buy a nintendo for COD, we buy a Nintendo for Mario, zelda, donkey kong, secret mana, pocky and rocky, Yoshi, banjo and kazooie, luigis mansion, Metroid, megaman etc etc etc etc... and thats skill demanding.
And ofcourse new ips... where are they ? Zombie U ? gtfo...

you are wrong. About literally everything you said is wrong.

Ok, whats wrong ?
Mario is not dumbed down ?
They dont lack games ?
They are just as updated as their competitors on online service ?
Have they released some new solid ips ?

Reason i ask is because its so easy to say "your wrong".

1. While they can be stubborn towards online, the entire focus and dare I say, point, of Wii U focuses heavily on local multiplayer to the point that during the post E3 Direct in 2012 Iwata brought up some book I've never read to demonstrate people's increasing reliance on the internet, including (and I distinctly remember) a picture of a family together but focusing on their laptops. The entire thing came across as genuine, even if it also clearly a good business opportunity considering Nintendo's family friendly approach. Though at the same time they have to have some online to meet the minimum requirements of modern gaming. Any slowness to get certain aspects working (they've already done better than I was expecting tbh) has probably because unlike a lot of gaming companies Nintendo doesn't rely on 100s upon 100s of people for every single thing in order to get things done quicker. They are too conservative at points, I agree, but compared to other gaming companies spending money to worrisome degrees, I'm not gonna get too mad at Nintendo by comparison.
2. Mario 64 isn't that challenging and the extra worlds in every Mario for years have been more challenging than it.
3.You literally said you were looking forward to Mario games and then complained about Mario games being too easy. Back to back.
4. The fact that people buy Nintendo for only Nintendo is at least equally the fault of the consumer. I am changing my opinion of this.
5. Almost no one would call the Batman games or Assassin's Creed games bad. Or Injustice. Or RE: Revelations.
6. No one ever bought a console for Pocky and Rocky. I'm not even sure people would remember that game exists if it wasn't for Game Grumps.
7. Even ignoring quite a few downloadable titles, Xenoblade and Wonderful 101.
8. Ignoring ZombiU is stupid, considering it has been compared to Dark Souls and has some of the best use of the Wii U's features. And I'm not even a fan of the game.

1. We agree to a certain point here. I like that Nintendo is on their own path and that they got this "christmas coca cola" thing going on and they focus on bringing people together. But the world is what it is, and if they ignore that, they will loose. I expect that Nintendo is smart enough to see both sides and pleasure them both. Right now they just seem to refuse to understand what needs to be done.

2. I cant take that serious, sorry.

3. Yes,ofcourse.. I Love Mario and nintendo games, but since the Wii, things have gone down. Why ? mainly because of what i mention above here.

4. I can agree. Nintendo havent promised a certain amount of games and how they are gonna be twisted. And nothing about features etc either. Its my own fault for buying their system and just think "i expect their to be x amount quality nintendo games from them, and this and that should be on place" etc... 50/50, seems fair.

5. I can write alot about the buisness in general, this generation of games etc, but that would go off topic. I will just say to myself that, my opnion is fact in this case.. hehe Ofcourse, many who is born into this generation obviously like them, but for us who have been here longer, we see what it is all about and how things have gone down and down because of... STOP. But its not all Doom and gloom.. some things have been very nice, specially indie games ! hurray for that.

6. Didnt say Pocky and rocky was a console seller. It was a solid game with nintendo style that gave the system a bigger umph. It was a great filler!

7. Several of those games is just for the group that loves typical asian games, and just a few of them again buys it. Problem is that they make so many games that focus on those small groups.

8. ZombieU was a Zombie game that tried to ride the awesome Zombie wave, but failed hard In my opinion. It seemed rushed, confused and without identity. Pale version of many great zombie games. But it was not garbage and i appreciate nintendo for trying, and hope they try again.

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ZombieU is awesome, simply the most intense zombie game I have ever played.

Do something, one thing, wrong and you're done. Which I assume is quite what would happen in real life.

It has nothing to do with Nintendo, though!

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This thread is just another classic example of FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS

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Play games to have fun! If Nintendo is doing something you like then play Nintendo. If you don't like what Nintendo is doing then don't play their stuff. It really is that simple. Excuse me I have a back catalog of Wii U games I need to get back to

@MadAussieBloke So true

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Niope, because I'm not exactly their target audience and the company still puts out enough good games for me not to care top much. Despite me not liking where the company had gone sometimes and feeling they never really replaced Rare (and no Retro is in no way proper Rare replacement), but its also a reason why I'm buying a Playstation 4.


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No i'm not pissed with Nintendo for shutting down Swapnote, i'm upset with the idiots that abused it. As far as power console competing with the competition, i think power isn't making that much of a difference as enhancing gameplay. It's also hurting some developers/publishers who can't keep up with the new tech.




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Let me see.

Had a blast playing NES games through their .30 cent promotion earlier this year.
Been playing through old Wii games I never played thanks to backwards compatibility.
Absolutely loving the software surge on the 3DS.
Enjoyed Pikmin 3 and Wii Party U. Got a controller with the latter.
Loving Wii Fit U. Got two Fit Meters and still felt like I got a great deal.
Eagerly anticipating Super Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds. A sequel to one of the greatest Zelda games of all time that is going back to the franchise roots and a 4 player 3D Mario = win.
Hyped up for the software surge on the Wii U.

Oh, and did I mention I got to play Earthbound for the first time this year? And I even got to see the strategy guide. There's also the Club Nintendo rewards that have been filling up my Wii and 3DS Virtual Console. And I got a Pikmin 3 bag out of it too.

So, no. Should my patience be wearing thin? Good things take time. I'm not furious over waiting for Metal Gear Solid V, Guity Gear X3rd, Halo 5, Titanfall, and the many other great games I simply have to wait for. Shoddy business practices, terrible excuses for games, and disrespect towards customers earns my anger. I'm looking right in your direction, Sega, Capcom, and Square Enix!

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Question: Is your patience with Nintendo wearing thin?
Answer: No, as I am not an immature child with an unrealistic sense of entitlement.

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I am torn on this. I enjoy what I get from Nintendo. Maybe they're business savvy leaves something to be desired. Maybe one day they they no longer exist, and I will be sad. I will also have an extra $2-3k in my bank account every year because I haven't touched my PS(pick your #) or 360 in almost a year. So that would be good and I have plenty of other hobbies for it to never affect me for very long. Oh yeah but back to the point, the only electronic entertainment that I think is any good comes on Nintendo systems, so it has not worn thin.

Gotta catch them... eh, nevermind.


I don't really care about the services they're changing. IMO they should just get rid of Swapnote altogether and replace it with Miiverse.

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So wait, people seem to be pissed off that Nintendo focusses on children while most of us "diehard fans" were those very children they focussed on. Hmm. Such a whiny thread. I hate whiny threads.


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Longforgotten wrote:

So wait, people seem to be pissed off that Nintendo focusses on children while most of us "diehard fans" were those very children they focussed on. Hmm. Such a whiny thread. I hate whiny threads.

I wasn't whining. I was asking a legitimate question.

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Sort of. My patience with Nintendo's games isn't wearing thin.

My patience with Nintendo as a company? Most definitely is, their recent decisions have generally been terrible and it's making me hope Iwata gets fired sooner rather than later.

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Nintendo have been making bizarre decisions for a very long time. They still make great games. Life is just a bowl of cherries.



CM30 wrote:

Sort of. My patience with Nintendo's games isn't wearing thin.

My patience with Nintendo as a company? Most definitely is, their recent decisions have generally been terrible and it's making me hope Iwata gets fired sooner rather than later.

You're capturing my feelings pretty much perfectly.

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It'll be 22 years this Christmas since I got my first Nintendo (a Gameboy) and 21 years since my SNES purchase.

In all that time it's been a constant test of patience alleviated by top quality games. Off the top of my head I can think of the price-gouging N64 launch, the removal of face mapping from Perfect Dark, huge delays to the likes of Excitebike 64 at a time when there was little else coming out, lack of marketing for the 'Cube allowing it to slip into being a cult concern, having to wait 2 years for Animal Crossing/Mario Golf : TT, several good Wii games not making it to Europe (and the US), region-locking the 3DS etc. etc. It's a constant conflict between amazing software and head-slappingly stupid business decisions.

They test my patience with the neglect of fan favourites like F-Zero, Starfox, Pilotwings, Wave Race, Advance Wars etc. They test the patience of long-term fans with the VC-it could be brilliant fan service but instead they use it to tease loyal old-school fans like they're putting a treat on a dogs nose and telling it to stay. They continually refuse to sort their online Account system out-Nintendo's slew of franchises is riddled with games that should have online multiplayer including co-op (they can still have local multiplayer as well-that's no excuse) and would tie in briliantly with the stuff they've done well like Miiverse. They test patience by struggling (by their own admission) to make the transition to HD development when they've had years and millions of pounds profits to be ready for it.

My patience with Nintendo is wearing thin (after buying N64/GC/Wii at launch it took 11 months for the Wii U to be worth a purchase in my eyes, after buying GBC/GBA/DS at launch it took 8 months for 3DS to be worth a purchase in my eyes) but it's not run out. I'd like to see a change of direction at the top of the company. I see wasted potential and worry about them long-term. While they keep making the likes of Pikmin 3, Mario 3D Land, Luigi's Mansion 2, Wind Waker HD I doubt it'll run out entirely.



the_shpydar wrote:

Question: Is your patience with Nintendo wearing thin?
Answer: No, as I am not an immature child with an unrealistic sense of entitlement.

What a ridiculous statement. I can't roll my eyes hard enough.. If Nintendo want more of my money-and believe me they do-then they have to do better. Expecting that is not an 'unrealistic sense of entitlement', it's cold, hard consumer judgement.



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