Topic: Is there a 'forgotten' Nintendo franchise that you want to see on the Wii U?

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KingMike wrote:

misswliu81 wrote:

alcahest- RPG, developed by HAL laboratory and published by square. supposed to be similar to the zelda games

Nope. Pure action game. You need to find items, but they are used just to advance past a certain point in the stage.
As mentioned, EXP is really just a score, and the "NEXT EXP" is how many points you need to earn a continue (I'd guess that is to allow you to restart at a checkpoint, since you have passwords).
Also, can't be an RPG because the passwords are not random. They are actually the level names, in Japanese (and I imagine are probably broken in the translation patch because the hack author never translated them, thinking he was going to replace them with a battery save, but never did).
But whatever it is, definitely would be worth adding.

The same can be said of Lolo, still wondering why they never released the third and last NES game on VC.
Hopefully the Game Boy game will show up on 3DS, I'd like to play it but finding a cart is difficult (and probably not without paying a ton).

i thought it looked similar to zelda, but i was wrong there. as for lolo, i'm surprised they never made a sequel on the nes or even wii. it's definitely a title worth remaking or deserves a follow up game.



urban champion- it was in many cases an awful title for the N.E.S, but i think with a proper revamp with better graphics, sound, gameplay similar to say final fight, streets of rage, double dragon, this would be a great game.



Diddy Kong Pilot [later became Banjo-Pilot due to RareWare's move to Microsoft]

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jtt235 wrote:

LordTendoboy wrote:

That game came out a few years ago:
DK Barrel Blast (GameCube and Wii)

no this was going to be a sequel to diddy kong racing its not DK barrel blast

Diddy Kong Pilot is actually the sequel to Diddy Kong Racing.

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Custom Robo
Ice Climbers
Balloon Fighter



There is a lot of forgotten franchise from Nintendo and I for one would think it would be cool to see some of the on the Wii U but not so much it creates new forgotten franchises =P

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clu clu land

devil world

wrecking crew

cosmic walker

mario & wario

dynamic blade/dynamic slash

GiFTPiA - gamecube game

marvelous - super nintendo game, never got released outside of japan. was the first title eiji aonuma got involved with years before his involvement with the zelda franchise

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Wild Gunman.

Just imagine what a modern game would be like with that title.

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mariofanatic128 wrote:

@misswliu81 I agree with Dynamic blade/Dynamic slash/Zangeki no reginleiv. That game looked awesome, I wish it got a western release.

it said in the article it is supposed to be a 3rd person-hack and slash type game. makes me wonder if this was the game where nintendo borrowed the idea of this for skyward sword's controls.



I wanna see nintendo buy the rights to Banjo and Conker. Do some justice to those games and yeah F-Zero and Mother (never played it before am I missing out?)

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I'm honestly surprised that the Ice Climbers haven't been given a reboot. They have appeared in 2 smash bros. and still don't have another game beyond the NES.


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all the rareware games.

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I would love to see a follow-up to Eternal Darkness made for Wii U. Can you imagine the insanity effects that could happen in HD?

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