Topic: Is there a 'forgotten' Nintendo franchise that you want to see on the Wii U?

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dark-insanity wrote:

bonesy91 wrote:

While there are none in particular that I know of that are Forgotten that I miss. But always hearing how great the Mother series is, I would love to see a reboot on that Series.

Like a full 3D Rendered Mother 1 for Wii-U.

they could 3d render the whole series and possibly do something with the cancelled title

The cancelled title was Mother 3 on the N64 but it eventually was released on GBA but I agree with doing 3D remastering of the Mother series on Wii U. I would love to play that series.


I would love to see a sequel to excite bike 64, or F zero of course. Seems like the most demanded game lol. So many franchises left forgotten :/ Maybe even a new Mario Golf.



I guess it's not really a franchise, but give me a Pokemon Snap sequel, please!

Use the controller as the camera or something, I dunno. But I've been starving for a sequel to this quirky game!

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Hmm... Let me thi

Best thread ever
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Does anyone else want another Hamtaro game? Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite was the first video game i played in my life, and probably in my Top 5 favorite games of all time.

is rly good

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Definetly want another Earthbound, also. Earthbound ftw.

is rly good

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Earthbound doesnt count; It's anything but forgotten. The average RPG has been promoted to a god like status that honestly it really doesnt deserve.

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I think EarthBound should have a remake. But not 3D in the sense of a moving camera, kind. Think like Four Swords Adventures on Gamecube. With next gen sprites, still retaining the 2D sprite look of (in this case) the original. I can't picture EarthBound with out that retro look.

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KID ICARUS!!! Oh wait...

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Would really like to see Wave Race again, on Wii U or 3DS.

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Boshi is a stranger to me, but I agree, Wave Race would be great on Wii U or 3DS.



BleachFan wrote:

I guess it's not really a franchise, but give me a Pokemon Snap sequel, please!

Use the controller as the camera or something, I dunno. But I've been starving for a sequel to this quirky game!

Maybe an augmented reality Pokemon Snap? That would be pretty awesome.
I think that as far as forgotten franchises go, I'd love to see Mystical Ninja make a re-apparence. I'm aware it's not Nintendo, it's Konami, but the N64 version was one of my favourite games growing up.

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I can't understand why Earthbound was killed and Pokemon has flourished. It's beyond me.

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Not really a 'franchise' itself I guess, but I'd like to see a Mario Paint released. A good upgrade to the SNES game. Not sure what you would could probably work great on the Wii U though, with it's controller!!
Maybe a good downloadable game, or if they want to make it for 30 bucks or something. Could be really cool actually.

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I'd say give Earthbound 64 another shot on Wii U or 3DS

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PlatinumGamerX wrote:

I'd say give Earthbound 64 another shot on Wii U or 3DS

Earthbound 64 was what Mother 3 was originally going to be so its already been made but I would love if all three games in the series were remade for Wii U and bought to all western regions.


I don't know if I'd say it's forgotten (it had 2 entries on the DS after all), but it seems to have disappeared. I'd really love to see Advance Wars revived on the Wii U. It's always been a portable franchise, but the Wii U would be the perfect platform to change that. The two screens could be used similarly to the way they were used in Advance Wars Dual Strike, and the touch screen would be great for a level editor. Plus, I think seeing those maps on a full size TV screen would really make them feel huge, bigger than they ever could on portable. Throw in some online play, and you have one excellent game. In fact, if 2 Wii U remotes were a possibility, even local play could work.

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StarTropics gets my vote. 'Mr. Banana's in his ears' Mikey seriously needs to make a comeback!
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