Topic: Is the Wii U your only console?

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Wii U has become my primary console...I tend to use it everyday while my PC (which is more powerful then a PS4) doesn't get much gaming time.

I love the Gamepad and pro controller, and 'dem Nintendo exclusives really pack in the re-playability.

I also own a 3DS and several retro consoles (PS1 still gets some use cough Castlevania Symphony of the Night*)



I only have a Wii U and 2DS.

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I have Wii u, Wii, 2DS, and xbox one. Sadly only use my xbox one for blu ray. Currently addicted to zelda ww hd until mario kart 8 hits.



Bambeezie wrote:

I only use my xbox one for blu ray. Currently addicted to zelda ww hd until mario kart 8 hits.

Looks like not much has changed since last gen



I have some older consoles and handhelds but as far as current gen, only a Wii U and 3DS XL. And I have a laptop I bought in I think late 2010 but I almost never use it anymore instead opting for my macbook air.. I don't game on it much, mainly just Minecraft. and an iPad mini which has bunches of games on it

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Traded in my 360 for the WII U after spending many years away from Nintendo consoles. Feels good to be back...wish I had never left!

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I have a 3DSXL & Wii U that's it. Between both systems Nintendo's got me covered.



I have a Wii U, 3DS XL, PSP and PS3. Love Nintendo and Sony products for the JRPG goodness they get~


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It is after yesterday. I traded in my PS4, vita, and 3ds xl. I now only have a 2ds and Wii u.



PC is my main gaming platform, as for consoles I have a Wii U and a 3DS XL

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I own tons of past gen consoles from NES, Genesis and up. The PS3 and of course my lovely Wii U and wii. I own a 360 , but it broke. Out of all the consoles I've owned through the years the 360 was the only one to ever break and it did so 4 times. After the 4th time I just gave up on it. The games were fun ,but the hardware is cheap. Even my original Xbox still works.

I will probably pick up a PS4 in the near future when a game comes out I want. If Sony had offered a BC unit I probably would already own one. As for a Xbox one at this point I'll skip it, but you never know. In my case software is what matters. So if the right title comes out I may change up which one I get.

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I have the Wii U and a 3dS to get me through the droughts. Other than that I have two 32 bit game systems, the 3DO and the Amiga CD32 !

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Wii U is for Wii U games, PC is for everything else.

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Wii U = 30% of the time
PS4 = 40% of the time
3DS = 30% of the time



The Wii U is my only HD console, but I have: a SNES, GameCube, Wii, PS2, 4 GBAs, a DS Lite, and 3DS. I mostly use my Wii U for browsing, Netflix, and the occasional game. I have trying to catch up with my PS2 & PS1 backlog (mostly third party RPGs) as I only had a GCN at the time. The SNES was my first console, and my most endearing game is Yoshi's Island. The GCN was second, and I played the crap out of the Zelda Collection (making me a huge Zelda fan). Wii 3rd, for Brawl. Wii U after that, still enjoying SM3DW. Got a PS2 recently, been scoping out retro game stores for games (which now makes feel old, and I'm 18! T_T). I know you didn't ask for my life story, but I wanted to provide context.

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Nope, of this generation I have a Wii U, 3DS XL, Vita and an Xbox One. If we're talking about all platforms here, I also have a very good gaming PC. I have all the consoles (except PSP) of the previous generation too

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I have most old consoles but only Wii U, laptop and a highish entry-level gaming rig for the current era.

PS4 hasn't got a single exclusive game that I want, either announced or rumoured. Xbox 1 has a few games I would like but PS4 might start dropping bombs by the time I consider buying either.

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I only have a Wii U at the moment. Had XB1, crapped out within a few weeks, got refund, will wait for a revision. My wife still has her 360 so that's got me covered for games I want.

But I'm heavily into WWHD at the moment. I've missed my Zelda goodness.


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I do own multiple consoles but the Wii U is the only one that I use.

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