Topic: Is the Wii U your only console?

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No, i have an xbox 360, ps3, and plan to buy an ps4 nest year. going to play mario kart 8 on my wii u for a long time when it comes out.



Yes, the Wii U is currently my only console. I am planning to buy a PS4 sometime in 2015. The reason I am waiting is to have enough of a software library built up that I won't find myself without something interesting to play.

I have no complaints with my Wii U and I am not now, nor have I ever, experienced a software drought on my Wii U. There have actually been too many games for me to keep up with (and I still need to buy Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, but my wallet was tapped out just before it came out). The PS4, however, has only two games I'm interested in at the moment and only one of them is 1080p 60fps... so... yeah I need to wait on the PS4 purchase for now.



Nope, I own all the consoles. Each one has exclusives than I enjoy and want to play so each one warrants a purchase for me.

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Wiiu is my only console. I also own a 3ds xl. My 2 kids have a 3dsxl..I plan on buying my youngest a wiiu or 3dsxl..


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Right now yes. Had a PS3 but it died. Will probably get a PS4 or XB1 at some point in the future. Not sure which one yet.

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I want a PS3. XBox is typically a FPS/ HARDCORE GAMER system, and PS has some good variety in its games. PS4 does not interest me yet.
EDIT: I say this, because the WiiU is the only console i own.

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My WiiU is my main one now by far, but the 3DS was dominant until the WiiU library built up. I also have a PS3 that gets decent attention too.
Once MK8 comes out the WiiU will still be the main one for goodness knows how long



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