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Topic: Is the Wii U a suitable platform for RTS games?

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As hawkeyewii said and as i said before, its no use to compare but it would be great to have it on wii u with this new interface ....
I cant stopp hoping for it even if it was meaningless i think im going crazy.....

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HawkeyeWii wrote:

I remember I made a thread about this a year ago and people shot it down like none other. PC controls this and PC controls that blah blah blah. This isn't about how awesome RTS games are on PCs, it's about how great they can be on Wii U!

Exactly!! The PC doesnt really fit into the equation at all. Getting the RTS genre in a more traditional sense (aka not pikmin) is the goal here not so much duplicating the pc starcraft 2 experience.

At any rate things are moving along at day 2 the petition now has 8 signatures - remember if this is something you want to see happen then step up, sign and make noise about it.

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