Topic: Is the wii U a beefed up version of the wii?

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I was just wondering if the wii U is the left over ideas that didn't make it to the wii.



Seeing as I work for Nintendo and I own a Wii U, I can very easily answer your question.

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I hope it comes with more beef. Nothing sells me on a system like large amounts of beef. Mmmmmm, beef.

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There can only be one, like in that foreign movie where there could only be one, and in the end there is only one dude left, because that was the point.


I'm a cow and I find this offensive.


the real question should be, is the wii u currently what the wii should have been?

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No, it's a baconed up version of the wii.



Was this taken from that "Generate a random IGN article title" thing?

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I would say no since they look pretty much nothing alike.. :/

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Is the wii u a beefed up wii~
Yes and no. A lot of new systems are beefed up versions (Xbox 720, PS Vita, DSi, etc.). But the Wii U also has a new controller creating a new experience. the wii u is the wii, but it is being designed to be more about You.

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Radixxs wrote:

Seeing as I work for Nintendo and I own a Wii U, I can very easily answer your question.

you are full oh hits, but not in that order.



wii u is a 100% better version of the wii and a way better remote no likes a awkward wii remote

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Eureka wrote:

No its a watered down version of the Wii, I mean DUH...everyone knows that.

That explains Stream!

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shows you the controller

I mean but all in all what did you expect? You wanna blue-scadoo into your television?

There are plenty of great ideas, and not just for gaming, shown as a small example at E3 2011. We're going to see the finished picture and even more this year.
New ideas, more ways to play....this isn't simply a beefed up version. It's broadening the spectrum of what Nintendo wants to do.
They explained the name, and it makes sense to me.


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pixelman wrote:

No, it's a baconed up version of the wii.


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it's 642 Colecovisions



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