Topic: Is the Wii to Wii U transfer worth it?

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The SD card slot in the Wii U is used for the transfer and backing up save information, Primarily though I believe its there to facilitate the Wii menu part. In other words you can save your Wii Game saves to it similarly to how you did on the Wii.




dumedum wrote:

Is the SD card slot for the Wii U just for the transfer? They made the SD card so you can transfer the Wii stuff? Is there any other purpose to it?

No, you can use it for save data and VC games in Wii mode. You can also use it as memory on the Wii U, but you need a USB adapter for that, so I guess that's technically not the SD card slot.

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Absolutely. You can always get the USB GameCube adapter to use for your WiiU also, which is what I've done for Smash Bros, etc. I bought over 40 Virtual Console/Wii Ware titles on my Wii, so importing them into WiiU on larger hard drive was a necessity.

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DefHalan wrote:

luke17 wrote:

When you say "transfer your basic info" do you mean do a system transfer with no games involved, but then go re-download?

Yea that is what I did

I'm a bit confused by this, does this allow you to keep the games on the wii and just transfer over the proof that you've bought them so you can download them on the wii u?

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Is there any channels that dont work like snes channels or the n64 channels I have tons of those



the only games that wont transfer are lost winds and the space invaders remake on wiiware

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faint wrote:

the only games that wont transfer are lost winds and the space invaders remake on wiiware

You mean Space Invaders Get Even? It transferred on my system - admittedly I haven't played it since, but it's definitely on my SD card and in the SD menu on the Wii Channel.

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