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So I got Black Ops II today and after playing with the gamepad for a while I tried my Pro Controller.

I'm used to playing CoD with a PS3 controller so the gamepad took a little getting used to buy after a while it felt fine.

The Pro Controller though feels too small in my hands and I get cramp holding it after a while.

Anyone else not too happy with the Pro Controller?



I actually love the Pro Controller. To me it's the perfect balance right in between the PS controller and the Xbox 360. It's light yet durable. Beyond awesome battery life. Buttons are in a good position.

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It feels pretty small to me but then again I've got pretty big hands (just FYI, ladies) so I need a beefy controller.

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Question is the pro controller just like the classic pro controller on the Wii only wireless?



No, it has clickable thumbsticks ad its too narrow at the top.



I used it all day with Assassin's Creed.
I personally love it, feels really comfortable in my hands.
I also liked the size of the original 3DS though and I seem to be in the minority with that.


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I can't wait to try the pro controller, it looks like the perfect mix of the Xbox360 and PS3 controller like GeePers said earlier.

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Might just be crampy for Black Ops II. Having to keep four fingers resting on the four trigger buttons all the time is really awkward when the top/front of the past is so narrow.



I still give the edge to the 360 controller, but the Pro controller isn't too bad. It's gonna take awhile to get used to



After playing on the gamepad for 2 weeks all other controllers feel very small (I call them all "baby controllers" now, you can quote me on that if you like)

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