Topic: Is the GamePad really the attraction of the Wii U?

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So, to say what caused this particular thread, I read the initial hands-on impression by @WhiteKnight in another older thread (very well done), and had one thing to say: the Wii U's hardware and physical aspects aren't really meant to be the central factor, in my opinion. The GamePad does indeed offer new ways to play, and I actually think it's utilised pretty immaculately in the few launch games we've seen so far (I'm impressed with ZombiU's combination of little things that make it more like a real experience, and the asymmetrical gaming factor displayed impeccably in Rayman Legends is intriguing - it's a fresh take on co-op that finds itself no faults so far; it's likeable) but seeing as this is just the beginning, I'd say we should keep an eye on the prospects of future GamePad utilisation once developers have really learnt to tap into it - it'll take a few months, even years maybe. This is slightly irrelevant, but even with tablets and smartphones, we still haven't tapped into the exciting prospects of their uniform method of touchscreen and motion controls in the palm.

But as I said, I don't feel the GamePad is all that exciting as it is for now - I doubt Nintendo is going to let developers leave it here, and may pioneer some ingenious uses in new games of their own. The Wii U isn't taking one direction in this new generation; apart from the most obvious new aspect of the Wii U, I think a good portion of Nintendo's efforts are also being concentrated on everything inside too, unlike the Wii whose sole motive was crystal clear (whereas it lacked in many other sectors). Miiverse is something really diverse and broad, and from everything we know from it so far, it's definitely combining social networking aspects as well as those subtle game-changers into multiplayer gaming communication, and incorporating it into a huge platform encompassing most of our communication needs both as single and multiplayer gamers into something more embraceable than standard social media for gaming. This is something previously unseen in this circle, and it's pretty big; it's also another selling-point of the Wii U apart from the GamePad.

Another thing I've noticed, but we still haven't heard much about, is the Nintendo Network and the eShop in particular. We're getting quite a lot of massive indie support and positive reception on what Nintendo is doing with the eShop behind-the-scenes for now. Many say Nintendo is now much more approachable to indie game devs out there, and I think that's going to bring a whole lot of opportunities in for the eShop out there. Indie games are rising in prominence in this industry, and as something WiiWare was devastatingly lacking in compared to other rival digital platforms, I genuinely think that the eShop itself, if revamped and more open to the content it needs to establish itself as a successful digital platform more so than its predecessor and rivals, may be another big selling-point for the Wii U. With titles like Toki Tori 2, Chasing Aurora, Little Inferno and definitive versions of multi-plat releases like Trine 2: Director's Cut and Puddle, I think the Wii U is paving the way for its platform to have a lot more successful indie titles on the level of World of Goo - and not just a "shuffle through and select once a week" type store. It could be a haven on its own.

Apart from that, I guess there's Nintendo TVii (which, among a minority, is also a surprisingly popular selling-point) which again combines social networking and sharing with all your prominent TV streaming services into one neat social entertainment hub, which is cool. I hope Europe also gets something similar to this service. And aside from everything I've mentioned, we really anything else about the Wii U, so we could have more pleasant surprise headed our way.

Bottom line, I just don't think the Wii U's hardware is meant to be the main attraction of the console. I think Nintendo is offering the Wii U as an entire package encompassing many of today's gaming and entertainment needs. But that just may be my opinion, as I don't feel the GamePad has that X-factor just yet that brings in curious crowds, like the Wii did.

TL;DR: GamePad is the most obvious new thing, has potential but hasn't shown much though obviously will display more in future, but right now it's arguably drifting from the centre piece due to the Wii U's other new implementations, e.g. Miiverse - vast social gaming thing, eShop - seems to be gaining a lot more competence with indies, Nintendo TVii - a better overall entertainment hub with social aspects etc. and probably the overwhelming line-up of interesting games.

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But no, not for me

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If the wii u didn't have the gamepad, I would buy the ps4. That and the fact the entire system is built around it.

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Pretty much. There's nothing other than the gamepad that truly makes the Wii U interesting imo.

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No, for me it's games like Pikmin 3, NSMBU (yes hate me), Bayonetta 2, and many others that WILL come out ASAP

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It's mostly the games and the eshop that's attracting me, I really think Nintendo will be the only one using the gamepad as it should be used.
most 3rd party developers will either neglect it, or create an overkill on gimmicks within their games.

If the eshop really is that well managed I think developers will create great small games around an idea to use the gamepad more. Toki Tori, Chasing Aurora and Trine are main sellers for me, as well as BAYONETTA

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Nice intro GameLord08. For me, the attraction, is that it is the next Nintendo home console. The GamePad seems cool, sure, but that is not what is "attracting" me to the Wii U. I am going to be cutting back on playing video games as I get older so I am just going to stick with Nintendo consoles.

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For many of us Nintendo enthusiasts, the only thing that matters is that it's a new Nintendo console.



No disprespect but I also skipped the bulk of your argument. But I think you raise a great point!

For myself I can say that the game pad is a draw. At the same time I'm fascinated by Nintendo and their various properties, that is probably what lead me to focus on the Wii U initially. The promise of Pikmin in HD is exciting, but even Nintendo Land has grown larger in my sights.

As you said the game pad will come to be the main focus over the lifetime of the console. It's such a prominent feature and creative uses of it will really drive people's interest in what the console can do.

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wobee wrote:

the only thing that matters [for me] that it [is] a new Nintendo console.

I'm gonna say this. ^

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it is a interesting thing that i will get to experince come 18th with my black bundle but like some others are saying its the next console technically for me i would get any new consoles for the games i know i'll end up playing and all that

thats not to say the gamepad didnt greatly interest me at first as im sure as always that i will have fun time with it



No, the console's shape is the main attraction. They obviously don't showcase the GamePad to the point where people think that the GamePad itself is the Wii U, noooooo.



It's the main attraction, yes. But even so, it's still just one out of many other features.

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The GamePad is not important to me. I'm fine with it but it isn't the reason I'm buying the console. It's slightly disconcerting that Nintendo is putting so much of the system's total cost into the GamePad. How much better could the console itself have been (for the same retail price) if it used conventional controllers rather than a Swiss Army Knife controller? We'll never know.

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Apologies for the paragraph the size of the Empire State building; I wrote this rather late yesterday and forgot to downsize it. I've added a tl;dr for less enthusiastic readers (whom I really can't blame).



I'm yet to be convinced the GamePad is anything but a standard controller with a screen welded into the middle for no reason, so no, not for me. The games will and always have been the primary motivator for a console purchase. Once they're there, I'll invest

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One can buy a 360 for under €200 euro's, so for 399 it could have been a lot more. We don't need change for the sake of change, but the gamepad is one of the most versatile(did i spell that right?) controllers one can get.
For example, i'd love to have an RTS where the battleground is showed on the TV while I can make swift tactical changes on the gamepad and immeadiately(didn't spell that right either, huh?) seeing the changes on the TV-screen. A bit like Napoleon Total Wars.

And with that eshop we might see indies and small developers using it in interesting ways

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@Sjoerd: Well, the 360 was initally launched at about the same price the Wii U is being launched, so I think it's a fair deal for the combined technology the Wii U's offering. Especially the Deluxe/Premium Bundle, which has about $50 worth of accessories as well as an assumed $40 pack-in title as effective as Wii Sports was. Don't forget we also don't know what's inside the console yet as well - for all we know, this could end up being a right steal. Maybe.

Oh, and you spelt versatile right, a slight slip-up in 'immediately'.



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