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Topic: Is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate worth a go even if they close down the Online servers?

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I'm getting it. My guess is that the servers won't shut down until a new Nintendo system comes out, which will be 5-6 years(another guess). Even when/if MH4 comes out, I think they will share the server or have seperate coexisting servers. Your safe for years, and that's guaranteed. I don't think we should be worrying about a server that isn't even around yet, and one that is shutting down, but not yet.




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You can always the purchase the 3DS version instead, since that version will not even have online multiplayer to begin with. Untitled

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We in Japan have been playing Monster Hunter without online servers for a long time. I got MH3G when it first came out, and what we do is...you know, make special meet-up plans with friends and turn it into an event. :)

I do like playing the game by myself a lot, but for the big quests, me and a friend will go to a cafe and have a marathon session.

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No online games last forever, but you'll have plenty of time to enjoy it. Go for it.

Side note, this will be my first entry in the series as well, it comes out around my birthday and my friend pushed me to try it. Maybe we'll see each other online, I'd love some friends for it who are learning the ropes as I do! (My NNID is in my sig)

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