Topic: Is Lego Marvel Superheroes a glitch mess for Wii U? Thinking about getting it

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I want to get this for Wii U, I have the PS3 version already. But I've been playing my Wii U a lot lately and want to add to my library. Is it a glitchy mess?



I haven't personally played it to know, but my son has beaten it and he says it's fine. Bear in mind he is 7yo but at the same time I never heard him complain whilst playing it. And it looked good from what I saw.

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I'm not sure where you got the idea that it's a glitchy mess, but I never had any problems with it. All the more recent Lego games seem to have their own minor glitches, but nothing bad. Some you may only ever see once. Besides, if people look hard enough they always find glitches in any game. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with the Wii U version. Same game, same fun. Having off TV play available as well as two screen "split screen" co-op using the Gamepad and TV is also great.

That is all.

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It is awful!

The sound effects and voices sound like they were recorded inside a tin can. The music is monotonous and bland. The level design is 'blah' and objectives aren't always clear.

Oh ya....the game also runs at between 15-20FPS most of the time and the slowdown makes the game completely unplayable as far as I am concerned.

Anyone who says this game is good has horrible taste. I like the Star Wars Lego games and Lego City, but this one stunk horribly and I resold it quickly.



It's really fun...but it's over real quick after hulk smashing and flying with iron man lose their appeal. I got it knowing I'd be trading it in within a week and that's about what it's worth. So for me it wasnt a good investment of the cash but I couldn't resist.

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I've not played it on the Wii U , but for what it's worth, I have it on PC (Steam) and I thought it was "okay". Not bad for the price I got it at ($10), but it's probably my least favorite of all the LEGO games I've played (Lego Batman 2, Lego City Undercover, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Rock Raiders and a few more).

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I played it all the way through and its a beautiful game and works for the most part well. It still has the game freeze like the Wii games did, but it seems like it happens a lot less.

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It froze often and locked up the Wii U. They were always playing 2 player though so that might have made a difference. It was really annoying though.

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I've played through it on Wii U and never encountered a single glitch.

It's not as good as Lego City but still a good game.

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