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Star in Smash U / 3DS?! Imagine what it would be like! Obviously, the character would function similarly to Zelda/Sheik.... And this would be an even better fit, because you can actually swap out between Joe and Sylvia in the second game....

PLUS the characters already have the outlined graphic style, so they would look great in the 3DS version.

And, of course, Capcom (the creators of the series) are working with Nintendo on the games...

So is it possible that we see them as characters in the next Smash?



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Joe would be SO perfect as a Smash Bros. character. We already have Megaman though, so it's unlikely that we'll see him. It's even MORE unlikely that we'll see Sylvia. If Joe happened to be in Smash Bros. however, I would play as him 99% of the time. His moveset could be based off of his games obviously, and maybe even Marvel vs Capcom

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