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All right, well go play Assassin's Creed 3, Call of Duty, Sonic Racing(good game), Batman... Those games are still cool even though they're ports, and are the definitive versions IMO. There's tons to play as it is. I don't have enough money for what's out already. I'm pretty sure the games coming out in the next couple months will spoil us as it is anyway.


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playing twilight princess at the moment to hold me over untill monster hunter 3. i do own black ops 2, mario U,zombiU and nintendo land

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The reason @jogurt that it seems so bad is the regurgative nature of internet gaming news.
Rarely is there more than three original sources of news, most of it is hyped commentary, Microsoft are not above payola, and fanboys do the rest.
The PS3 was exactly the same, if not worse in it's first year.
But then I'll happily say that I have no proof.

However, not one commentator nor the puerile doombringers in this forum has yet provided proof on the basis of what's already been released for the Wii U in comparion with other consoles, thus indicating where the Wii U is currently lacking.

All of these numb-nuts are doing is, for the most part, pointing to future bro-dude titles.

Developers have had six years to hone their skills on the 360 and the PS3. Microsoft made it even easier to port PC games to the 360 with the programming libraries being similar if not the same. Both companies can draw on cash reserves from the parent organisation because each have a large cut of their respective core business interests.

Nintendo only makes games and consoles.
The Wii U is different and SDKs have only been available for what... 12 months maybe?

The development cycle for games, particularly bro-dude titles, is longer than that.

If Activision could roll-out an almost Wii-like in features version of Black Ops 2 - bearing in mind they are the only publshers to have bothered with the Wii with similar games - then you have to ask if it's just business case driving third-parties with a dash of laziness thrown in because "Hey! Ninty will keep their proles happy in the meantime..."

Ignoring the regurgitated opinion, it seems highly likely that this 'future third-party titles' situation will improve by the end of the year in terms of announcements.

However Nintendo needs to focus on raising public awareness that this isn't the Wii... maybe an ad showing the two side-by-side doing the Wii 'things' then show the Wii U showing where it's unique... because for now, gamer-jock commentators aren't gonna help...

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I gotta say I am a little worried... I think we might be having a repeat of the GCN days and won't have an extreme amount of success, but just enough to survive that generation.

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Is this one of those threads were the OP made it just so he can get other people to reassure him that everything is going to be fine? I will not coddle you OP! Be a man and face the world with a pair!

Here is a new petition to get Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengence on the Wii U!!!


No I'm not worried. I used to own the console with one of the weakest installed bases in the universe: Atari Jaguar, so I'd say everyone need to stop crying because the Wii U right now has ten times the userbase that the Jag had in its entire lifetime (and yes, after a year I did dump that machine and get a Playstation).

It is far too early and the economy is far too crappy to worry about what will be on the Wii U gravestone,ta.


If the 3DS is anything to go by, the Wii U will be fine.

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Some people say the Wii U will die without third party support and I think it's probably safe to say that, yes, if all third parties stopped making games for the Wii U that would be a big problem, but that's just not going to happen.

Nintendo isn't going to sell a Wii U to anyone who plays alone and isn't already a big fan of Nintendo titles without some other hook to bring them in. So by mitigating against weak third party support via funding of third party development for system exclusives I think Nintendo has done what they can. If the Wii U ends up like the GameCube, but with online aspects and a robust download market would that be so bad?

I think back to the time of the Atari Jaguar, Playstation and N64 and I remember having no interest in the N64 at all: I thought the machine was ugly, I thought the predominance of low-poly 3D games on the system was awful and I hated the controller. The N64 didn't sink Nintendo. The GameCube was another 2nd place machine, but that didn't sink Nintendo either, so I don't get why the Wii U is in some kind of death spiral because it's not getting ports of - well I don't know what.

If people are so insecure about what game machine they own I have to wonder what the rest of their life is like: did I buy the right brand of shoes? Or how would you be able to make a decision on what car to buy?!??

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I think I'd use two different words to describe how I'm feeling about the Wii U right now, rather than "worried" I'd say I'm both "disappointed" & "frustrated"

I'm disapppointed that there is just a total lack of games to play on the console with not a lot coming out anytime soon either, I said in another thread the other day the main game I play on the Wii U at the moment is PINBALL, now although a solid game I did not buy a Wii U to play pinball, also as much as I look forward to playing WindWaker in HD, no matter which way you look at it, it's an old GameCube game, what I'm saying is Nintendo need to get some brand new Wii U titles out fast and good ones.

As for being frustrated, I'm frustrated that every day there seems to be more doom & gloom around the Wii U, you can't go on a gaming website without spotting some negative news about the console, I'm also still really frustrated about the delays the Wii U keeps getting, I hate what Ubisoft have done to early Wii U owners with Rayman Legends (had it on pre-order for months myself), also like many I will now almost certainly pick up Aliens: CM on another console because of the Wii U delay, so as you can see so much frustration.

The sooner Bayonetta 2, Mario U, Mario Kart U, Yarn Yoshi U & Zelda U etc. come out the better, also how about a new Donkey Kong Country game and a new Punch Out!! & Mario Golf/Tennis, the Wii U is missing so many games that you'd expect to have on a new Nintendo console IMO.

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Sean_Aaron wrote:

If the Wii U ends up like the GameCube, but with online aspects and a robust download market would that be so bad?

For you, no. For Nintendo, yes.

The GameCube was another 2nd place machine, but that didn't sink Nintendo either, so I don't get why the Wii U is in some kind of death spiral because it's not getting ports of - well I don't know what.

The Nintendo GameCube was last place. But that's not the point.

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nah... definitely not worried

so many amazing games are on their way, this is the perfect time to own a Wii U + 3DS
windwaker hd, new zelda wii u, 3d mario, mario kart, super smash bros. ETC

for the 3ds... new zelda game (maybe MM remake?), fire emblem awakening, pokemon x/y, super smash bros., etc...

i just love all Nintendo franchises.. which is why i have no need for a ps/xbox, nintendo's 1st party titles will always be better than any 3rd party titles : )

now... if there are some 3rd party games i'd like to play, but can't due to the fact that there wont be a wii u version, i'll just buy the computer-version
macbook pro(bootcamp), wii u, 3ds xl = all i need for my gaming needs!

and i think the wii u will do just fine, give it some time.. when all these nintendo games will be released the wii u will sell like crazy, so many great games on their way
more consoles sold = bigger chance for us to get great 3rd party games

i don't care about some crazy unnecessary specs the ps/xbox might have, what i care about is Nintendo! : )
that being said.. i'd sure like to try out the uncharted games! : /

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Nah, not worried one bit.

If I'm being honest, I'll be surprised if the Wii U recieves a tremendous amount of third-party support and/or PS4 and NextBox multi-format games.

That being said though, Nintendo devices have always thrived due to their exclusive software (1st or 3rd party) IMHO. Also, the fact that Nintendo is actively engaging 3rd parties and indie devs is a good sign of things to come. We've already recieved crackers such as Trine 2, Little Inferno, Gunman Clive and The Cave, and have titles such as Toki Tori 2 and Mighty Switch Force HD to look forward to.

Also, the relatively weaker hardware of the Wii U should (theoretically) make games development cheaper; and the year + head-start in the market can only be a good thing.

Even if worst come to worst; Nintendo is sitting on BILLIONS of dollars worth of profit, company, and franchise value. They can take a financial hit or two (though it wouldn't be ideal, obviously). As evidenced by the 3DS and the recent Nintendo Direct, Iwata and co. have a habit of pulling aces out of their metaphorical sleeves (whether through game announcements, price-cuts, deals, or customer loyalty via things such as the 20 free 3DS games).

Also, let's look at the upcoming Wii U games!

Aliens: Colonial Marines
Bayonetta 2
Disney Infinity
Dragon Quest X
Game & Wario
Injustice: Gods Among Us
LEGO City: Undercover
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Mario Kart 8
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
New Legend of Zelda
New Super Mario
Pikmin 3
Project CARS
Rayman Legends
Resident Evil: Revelations HD
Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
Super Smash Bros.
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
Wii Fit U
Wii Party U
Wind Waker Reborn
Yarn Yoshi
The Wonderful 101

Now, that's a lot of games! If you balk at that list, then you can just rack off. Also, let's not forget rumoured software, such as Metroid, F-Zero, Starfox, GTAV, MGS: Ground Zeroes, and the mystery Retro Studios project.

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Chrono_Cross wrote:

For you, no. For Nintendo, yes.

Sorry, but given Nintendo is stronger coming off the Wii than it was coming off the N64 I cannot agree.

The Nintendo GameCube was last place. But that's not the point.

I'm thinking worldwide sales. Given the dismal performance of Xbox in Japan I seriously doubt that the GameCube had the third largest install base that generation.


I suppose TECHNICALLY Gamecube was 3rd...but the sales difference between it and Xbox was very small.

If the Wii U ever sold a grand total of 22 million units - it would no doubt be disappointing for Nintendo. Still, it has already sold over three million units in three months. Assuming it keeps that kind of pace up, it would surpass the Cube's sales in a couple of years. I honestly think it will, especially considering the sales of the 3DS are generally keeping up with the DS's in the same timeframe - which indicates that there is still a market for Nintendo products in this post-smartphone era.

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I will say that Nintendo have done a poor job of conveying the message of Wii U. Also I said this before but the Wii U offers less functionality at a higher price compared to the other systems currently available on the market. That said I do not believe that they system is doomed simply due to the fact that the next Microsoft and Sony consoles will release at a higher price point and given the current economic climate in the UK (and Europe in general) those systems will not sell like gang buster either.

Nintendo need to release some exclusive software (on the way soon) and broaden the functionality in the UK - TVii has not yet be sorted and the on demand tv (BBC iplayer, itv player, 4 on demand, demand5) are not available on it.

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I'm not worried about the Wii U because I'm sure It will start to pick up. I always got my PS3 to play on while I wait for Wii U games to come out.



MadAussieBloke wrote:


This guy is probably out there working his ass off trying to get that support... I don't see you doing anything about it.

And he's also working on pikmin, the new mario, wind waker hd, and the new zelda! LOT of work for this guy.

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