Topic: Is anyone else having a great time with their Wii U?

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I had a great time. But the fun has wared down a lot lately due to the fact I've completed nearly all my games on it! Well my birthday is coming up next month, hopefully I could get Need For Speed & Monster Hunter!
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I'm enjoying mine a lot since I bought it. Monster hunter, Kirby's Adventure and Super Mario World are great. I'm also planning on getting Resident Evil sometime this month. I wouldn't worry much about the "doom and gloom" people love to hate Nintendo been that way since N64.

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Picked up Nano Assault last week and i've been hooked on that.

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I've honestly had a better time with my Wii U in 3 months than I've had with my 3ds in 1 1/2 years..

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turtlelink wrote:


LOL don't think anyone is, it doesn't even have any games for it!

This. My XBOX 360 has moar games than it.

Yes, but does it have...a GAME PAD?! >:3

Didn't think so!!!

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Seriously, I love it. It lacks games big time, but what games it does have are so much fun. If it gets a good library of games, it could def become my favourite console ever. It certainly recaptures some of that old magic that was lacking in the Wii.

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MickeyTheGreat wrote:

Are you kidding!?! I use it everyday!

... primarily for the browser but THAT STILL COUNTS!

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IanNoog wrote:

Sure, it isn't brimming with content quite yet, but games like Nintendo Land, NSMBU, Scribblenauts, Sonic and All Stars Racing, Zombi U, Injustice, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Lego City Undercover, and all the eShop games are great distractions.

Um... isn't content the whole point of a console? Of course it's a fun console when there's good content and there is some good content. The fact that there isn't much of it is the problem. It being an awesome experience unlike the others especially with the GamePad when it does have good content makes the lack of content even more potent.

That said the difference between the Wii U and their previous consoles during this "launch period" is not much more than how far we can see forward. Look at these, the Wii software lineup at E3 2006:

Wii U at E3 2012:

That's why people are worried....

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I am having a great time now with it now that I have a few games for it but that wasn't Nintendo's fault cause of lack of games it was mine cause of lack of money to buy these games. But now that I own Assassin's Creed III and MHU I have been enjoying it alot. And as soon as I get Injustice I will be enjoying it even more.

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I haven't played it for about 2 months. So no.

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Having lots of fun too! My PS3 is pretty much a Bluray player and I rarely ever play PC anymore. Don't really know why people are saying there are no games for it. I have 7 retail games, 6 eshop games and 6 VC games. And the quality is great for the most part (not a huge Balloon Fight fan lol). Also, I should mention I don't own Monster Hunter so that's not why I'm still enjoying it.
In my opinion, that's a good amount of high quality games for a console that hasn't even been around for 6 months. People really need to chill and like someone else here said: Be Patient. Honestly, how many games can you really play at one time? lol
Have fun. They are games after all.



The best.
Ever since the 6th console-gen I have been an early adopter and I dont think I have been as pleased with any console as I am with the Wii U this early on. I mean, there already are 18 really great retail games standing next to mine, with three more hitting my mailbox before the end of this month!
The Miiverse is like a family, i have never seen so much love and actual community on any other platform, its like Nintendos own little Facebook-universe.

Not to mention the 23 Wii-games I have acquired during the past three months (not a single one with Mario on the cover... unfortunately since their are some really great ones).

Here are some other facts for those that likes to compare...

At this time in Xbox 360s life-span there was 38 retail games avaliable.
At this time in Playstation 3s life-span there was 32 retail games avaliable.
At this time in Wii Us life-span there are over 50! retail games avaliable.

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19Robb92 wrote:

I haven't played it for about 2 months. So no.

Basically this.

Just for you.
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I completed all the games I bought but I'm still having a great time by playng Brawl's Subspace Emissary in HD.The cutscenes and the overall game looks way better than on Wii.I also still play Sonic & All Stars racing Transformed,F-Zero and Zen Pinball 2 just because they're fun and I can play them while layng on the bed.

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