Topic: Is anyone else going toward all digital download for retail games?

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I absolutely love digital gaming when it comes to my PC/Steam. I'm almost exclusively digital PC-wise. I'm just the reverse when it comes to console. I've never downloaded a single retail game. I love eShop/Virtual Console downloads, and I have easily a few hundred dollars worth of them, but there's something slick and satisfying about going to the store and getting a new game in a box.

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I'm mostly physical. I'll download a retail game here and there, but I usually like to have the option to sell my games.. Also, it takes ages to download a game with my internet....

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I don't anticipate I will ever buy a digital download of a retail title unless technology forces me too.

I enjoy selling my unwanted games on eBay and making back 50-80% of what I paid for them.

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First party Nintendo games on the Wii U i will most likely~ depends tho on how the infrastructure of the Network changes as the year goes by, this "tied to the system" thing needs to change~ i.m.o

edit: when i do download games (i have a few retail ones on my 3DS, and i also did this with my virtual console downloads on the Wii) i always look back at my download recite for the transaction IDs and keep all of them written down as proof of purchase just to be safe~! yes i know if the event happens where your console/handheld has a issue you can just send the console/handhelds into Nintendo and they can handle this but it is a good idea to keep your own transaction ID record so you can tell them which games you purchased, how much you spent, and the date of download, all 3 of which should be view-able on Nintendo's servers of course once you give them the ID's~ =3

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All digital. Part of the reason I went with the basic was that I didn't want a physical copy of Nintendo Land. Yes it costs more, but the convenience is worth it too me. It also keeps me from buying too many games in too short a span of time meaning I'm more likely to give a game the time it deserves.

Hard drive failure is a fact of life, but I'm hoping Nintendo will introduce mirroring at some point in the future. Otherwise I may invest in some kind of RAID setup to try to mitigate against it. But like folk have said, you just redownload your games - a lot less pain than re-ripping my CDs I can tell you!

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Until the day that physical cartridges and disks become completely obsolete, I will have my non-digital media thank you very much.


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Ehh... I like to watch my library expand, so if given the option I will always try to physical.

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I am working on it. After looking at my collection I realized a couple of things. I very rarely buy/sell used games, 3 out of 5 times I buy a game within 2 weeks of release, I have a tendency to switch between games a lot , and I'm running out of space to store physical items. Digital seem like the better alternative. Only if I have no choice or there is a large enought price gap between the two (phys lower then digi) I'll go for physical retails.

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The only time I'll go fully digital with Wii U, is when retail digital downloads are cheaper then physical copies. I don't see that happening anytime soon with the Wii U... So no.


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For Nintendo stuff, physical copies are my preference. Why?
-I lend games out to people and I also borrow games from people.
-Nintendo does not have an account system yet.
-Downloading stuff is a pain in the butt.
-Physical copies of Nintendo console games are cheaper than digital copies.
-I can trade in physical copies of games.
-I can buy used physical games.
-I like boxes and instruction manuals.


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WingedFish wrote:

Until the day that physical cartridges and disks become completely obsolete, I will have my non-digital media thank you very much.

this this this

it isnt steam after all where game are really cheap which is the only point i'll be ok with risking losing a couple of dollars but not with 60 bucks for a digital game that the console service provider can take away from you for whatever reason or ban you not that i would do anything to get my self into that situation thus rendering the online service completely useless

with retail they cant take that away from me plus i like physical games and movies it makes it look like a library of entertainment for me just having a look all at once and get to decide what i want to do

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those are just examples of what i have as im not going to list everything obviously lol not including digital but it will continue to grow in numbers physically so just looking at that why in the world would i want to get all that digital no way man no way i dont even pay 60 dollars for everything on here

the prices digitally on any consoles are stubborn compared to steam they will take longer to drop in price over the years when i can snatch up a new game physically for 10 dollars on any console first party brand new

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Im going full digital, Except for game series that I collect, I never sell my old games anyways, and now I can just transfer them over to the next Gen console, Im not sure if I like the game streaming, mainly because my internet speed sucks, but it just seems weird, Can they take games away from you if you downloaded it?

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I go to where the cheapest price is... If the retailers discounting something I want I'll buy it physical, if Nintendo is discounting something (like Ocarina of Time right now on eShop) then I download it. Price will always dictate which form i get my game in & when I get the games I want.



I am. Recently downloaded the new Brain Age and put it in a folder labeled Apps.

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