Topic: Is anybody on here having problems connecting to the internet? On all Nintendo product?

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So you did check for updates? I'm just asking again, because sometimes people say they did something when they didn't, or don't know what the subject is about. Even if it's a year old, there's usually an update every now and then.

Keep your settings at default, unless you live somewhere that's in the middle of nowhere. If you live in the middle of nowhere, try messing with the port forward, DNS, etc, otherwise you're actually hindering your connection, MOST of the time.

EDIT: The Wii U isn't your laptop, so that's not really a point of reference.

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What IS the router anyways? I know that there are some out there the Nintendo systems don't like, or have issues with sometimes.

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Ya, you might want to tell us your router model number. Back in like 2006, I used to actively search out router firmware or reduce firewalls. Usually, you don't have to do that anymore, but you never know...


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Not usually, no. I only have problems when the WiFi itself is faulty like at my University, but it's engineered to work properly on computers, so complaints are minimal.

At home, at hotels, and at McDonald's, I can connect properly on the 3DS and my Wii U connects flawlessly at home.

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