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I see... Try restoring your router to factory default, and just update the firmware.



tandrasi wrote:

SCAR392, the issue is NOT solely the Internet browser...that is the least of my worries. The real issue is opening apps that require Internet (Miiverse, eShop, etc...) and my problem is hampering their usage. I sometimes cannot even open up the app regardless of a fully functioning Internet browser . As I said, I'm FREAKING out because if I cannot play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate online, I might as well just end it all....and buy a range extender lol.

ETLN, thnx for the post and I'm glad you fixed your problem. I'm frustrated in Nintendo's cost-cutting crap with the WiFi card in the Wii U. Even when I get a stable connection, I only get like 1.35 Mbps download compared to my PC (14.5 Mbps) <--- yes, I live in Australia...Internet infrastructure is poor.


See I was having the same issues as you regarding everything in general not working. Its not just the Internet Browser like you said, its MiiVerse, Youtube, eShop etc.
How far is your router from the Wii U? If possible I'd suggest you try running the Wii U closer to it and just see if that does fix it like it did for me. Its odd though I always had 2/3 signal strength bars showing on the Wii U when it was connected to the Orcon modem at 15m away. There isn't that many walls for my modem to go through to get to the Wii U either, plus all the walls are wood not concrete which is a lot more troublesome to the signal normally.

I live in New Zealand, my Internet Infrastructure is reasonably good where I am. My modem is synced at 18.3Mbps currently. In reality I get 2MBps when downloading. I have noticed monitoring the NAT logs on the modem that the Wii U connects to either Amazon in the US for the likes of the eShop or in Japan for the likes of MiiVerse. That might explain slow downloading speeds from the likes of the store. I normally find though its quite quick, but I can't watch any of the videos off the eShop, they just buffer way to often. But thats off-topic anyway.

SCAR392 I have wiped the the data and cookies a few times but I found it would play up pretty soon after. I don't think thats really the problem in this regard, its possible that is another fault that Nintendo need to fix at some stage, but since moving my Wii U to the Linksys I haven't had a need to wipe cookies and data.

My modem is managed by the ISP, I can change most settings though but I have no control over the firmware updates as they are pushed down from their end.
tandrasi I would highly suggest you update your routers firmware like SCAR392 said, that can often fix compatibility issues between devices.



Interesting. So the Wii U uses Amazon to host it's eShop site?
I'm sorry if I sound rude, but I usually don't understand alot of the issues people have related to the internet. My router is factory set with the highest firmware available, so I just suggest not messing with the settings at all. The only thing I have ever changed in my router settings is the WEP security code, and it works perfect.

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