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Topic: Interesting quote from E3 2006 and Wii U current status

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Guitardude7 wrote:

I'm not counting the Wii U out yet. I think it'll win. With PS4 and Xbone you have two systems that play exactly the same way they've been playing for their last few generations. No changes at all. Whats the difference between a PS3 and PS4 game? Better graphics. Thats it. I think once the Wii U FINALLY gets its freaking foot in the door and the innovative hard hitting games come, it'll win the 8th gen.

I've literally seen nothing barring maybe WIi Party U that couldn't have been done on the Wii or even the PS3/360.


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"That strategy works. For a while..." Well that sounds more like how the Wii turned out Reggie.

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