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Topic: Inside the mind of one Wii U buyer

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I thought the story of how my family came to purchase a Wii U might interest people on this forum. I would imagine that a few families will be on a similar path this holiday season.

My young kids are big Disney fans, and all the Disney Infinity displays they've come across made it a must-get-for-Christmas item for them. I never imagined our gaming would expand beyond the iPad apps we use a lot, but obviously DI is a console game, so it fell to me to choose a platform. Wii U seemed the clear choice, since DI isn't available for PS4 or XB1, and the Game Pad is apparently well utilized. And of course, my young kids aren't exactly attracted to FPSs. I also loved that it was cheaper than the other consoles of its gen.

We shopped early and got the system bundled with Nintendo Land. I figured I should pick up some Wiimotes for THAT game, and that led to us getting Wii Party U as a means for getting an extra Wiimote. I'd be lying if I said Wayne Brady didn't also play a very, very small role there. ;)

I haven't played a console since the NES, so SM3DW brought back fun memories. The amazing reviews it's received made that a must-buy also.

Nintendo may be up against stiff competition for consumer video game dollars, but we're at least one family that used to be all about casual iPad apps, and now we're solidly in the Wii U camp. Hope everything lives up to expectations when we tear into all this stuff on Christmas!

After researching, I plan on hooking up the console before Christmas morning in order to not take up time downloading updates. I'd really appreciate any other tips from veteran gamers that will make the most of our Christmas day!




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wipes eyes from crying Man, thanks for sharing that. :)

I own a Wii U and 3DS. I do plan on getting a PS4 someday :D

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Heh, we have one more satisfied WiiU owner. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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Yeah, kaz knows what you're talking about, he is sorry that the PS4 has no good games... That's why he purchased 2 WiiU systems ;)

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Ahh, a nice story of a family's love for Nintendo & Disney, my 2 most favorite things! Thanks for sharing! :)

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I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, and many fun filled years with the Wii U.

Oh, I forgot about the tips! If you don't have an HDMI ready TV, you'll want to pick up a component cable ( The ones for the Wii will work.). Don't forget to set up a Network ID, or you won't be able to do anything online. Don't forget to set up your TV controls on the gamepad. It wouldn't hurt to pick up a pro controller. It wouldn't hurt to start thinking about an external hard drive, either. My main tip I guess would just be to experiment, and have fun. It almost seems overwhelming at first, but after you get used to the Wii U features, I think you'll fall in love like most of us. ^_^

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Ya, just make sure it has the update installed so they can play it ASAP. The system will require you to create a Nintendo Network ID. Maybe download Wii Street U(free) or a Panorama View tour($2).

Sounds like your kids will have a good Christmas. That's all I got to say... I'm 21 and even I would like that as a present.




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And you guys wonder why their commercials aim at the non-core gamers ;)

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Really helpful tips, thanks!