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it has allot of partential seeing as it has a touch screen and throwing a ball in the same way they did the throwing star at E3 would be really cool, your thoughts.



But it's not in 3D


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Not to mention petting the dogs with the Wii U touch screen, face recognition, and HD fur. Kinectimals would eat its heart out if Nintendogs came to Wii U.

I'm back (for the moment)!


You could throw a shuriken at them

Sigourney Beaver.


Call it "Nintendogs, Cats, & more" and include other animals


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This is so coming! I could easily imagine a Nintendogs game for U.
I bet it's already in the works and maybe even compatible with Nintendogs 3DS.


SigourneyBeaver wrote:

You could throw a shuriken at them

made me lol.

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Yes it would be awesome make it so life like the animals actually see you and get emotionally attached learning new things everyday changing and growing up!


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It certainly could work,and I wouldn't mind seeing it.

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If Nintendogs + Cats had sold as well as the original did then I'd say "yes even though I'm not interested".... but it didn't... and it's a game that always seemed like a portable-only experience. I wouldn't bet on it.

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