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Imagine a universe where the Wii U actually sold spectacularly. Like Wii numbers kind of sales. What do you think would've happened? Would we get third party support? Would the Wii U still be supported by Nintendo right now? And what would this imply for Nintendos next console?

Personally I think third parties would've given more support but not much because of the inferior hardware specs. Though Nintendo would still be supporting the console to this day and possibly past 2017. We would've gotten another 3D Mario for sure, Breath of the Wild would be Wii U exclusive and we might've gotten more obscure Nintendo franchises like Metroid and F-Zero. And hey, just because, I believe the Wii U would have ports from the 3DS not the other way around like it is now. Perhaps we might've seen a Wii U remake of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon or Kid Icarus Uprising. And finally, remember when Reggie promised us way back at E3 2012 how Nintendo would work on a way to implement "dual gamepad experiences"? We might've seen games that actually utilized that promise.

For their next console, Nintendo would've kept with the Wii brand and made their next console a Wii 3 of some sort. Probably would have an updated HD gamepad, wiimotes and pro controllers. It might've be a hybrid, who knows. Maybe that was Nintendos plan all along. Or perhaps they would play the power game again and compete for the highest console specs? Maybe. Just maybe.

But what do you think would've happened? Let me know your AU theories. I think it would be fun to speculate on what could've been.


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tbh, even alternate realities couldn't convince me this could happen

the only way I could see it happen is if Sony followed Microsoft's ideas in 2013 and Nintendo marketed even better than for the Wii

and if tablet technology didn't advance so quickly

though I would love that, considering the pack-in game for Wii U was better than Wii's and was filled with Nintendo fanservice

though this reality doesn't make sense, considering how the Xbox One beat anything ever

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I think the wiiu would have been a success if it came out a year and a half earlier than it did and launched with an hd skyward sword. I still think 3rd party's would be few compared to the competition but it would have been better.

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