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I'm sure at least some of you have wanted iHeart and/or Pandora as an app for Wii U. Right? I also think it would be could if they allowed people to stream live TV(like iHeart w/ radio stations) from local channels from anywhere through the internet. I don't have cable or any subscription available as of now, just a digital antenna, so TVii is pretty useless for me until Netflix comes out(if I were to use it). I think Nintendo needs to get internet TV going through the TVii app. It would make it alot more interesting to be able to watch local free TV channels from other states, countries, etc. I actually thought that the Wii U would count as a cable box, but now I realize that you have to switch inputs, and follow along on the GamePad with out Wii U even being on screen at all... Put your ideas here.



Something like that couldn't exist in the UK, where you'd need a valid TV licence to watch any kind of live TV.



That's where Nintendo comes in. If Nintendo can get the license to stream any live TV station through the internet(Microsoft /w Zune, Sony w/ Sony records, Netflix w/ movies), they pretty much would be paying for people with their console to stream TV through internet, as long as the user can't alter the programs or record and edit through the console. It would make the TVii app actually usable if you don't have any service at all. This costing Nintendo alot of money would br a different story...



yeah i would agree with you i also dont have cable no more so testing this new app thingy kinda seem sad to me cuz i know i will be missing out

but at the same time if this did happen wouldnt nintendo have to put in a lot of work to get the licenses like you mention or find a way to actually bring this to us? they might end up wanting to charge us =[

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