Topic: If you were Nintendo, how would you advertise the Wii U in a better way?

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i wish i was nintendo...

put it on.


moomoo wrote:

I'd wait on advertising it heavily until more games came out for it, like @TysonofTime said.
As for how, it's tough. There's a lot of appealing aspects about the Wii U, but they're going to appeal to people differently. From my minimal experience with the device and with my friends' reactions to it, I'd say showing off playing games on the pad to be one thing to show off. One way to do it would be like this:

Have a guy playing COD on a standard controller on a TV, his girfriend comes in and wants to watch generic soap-opera, guy says he can't stop because he needs the TV for COD, girlfriend gets angry, fight happens. Then, a new scene occurs with the guy playing the game with the Wii U on the TV. Girl comes in and asks to watch generic soap-opera, guy nonchalantly complies and continues to play game on the pad. It wouldn't have to be COD, it could be anything, really, but I think it'd be a pretty good move to market it more towards the games that hardcore gamers like since it tells them that games they enjoy work without the TV.

However, there's lots of other things about the Wii U that are appealing. It's backwards compatible with Wii softwar and accessories, it features a unique take on the online gaming community, can work with any hardrive, etc. It's really hard to convey all of that stuff to someone all at once through basic advertising.

COD's not hardcore, dude.

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Well, we all know how special is the GamePad, but we also want to show the people how the Wii U as the console itself is different than its predecessor. Where can you start with? Suggestions, please?

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I would have a kid and his dad playing a game on the WiiU. A short little montage of them playing various games ensues. They are each using the game pad at different points and in different ways in the spot. 8 seconds into the 30 second spot, the mom walks in and says, "Hey the game's starting, shut it off!" The dad is about to his the power button on the gamepad but instead the kid stops him and hits the tv button on the game pad. Then he says, "I'll just switch it over to single player and stream the game on the gamepad". Then everyone's happy! If there's still time, cut and past to the parents acting way too into their sports game. Then the kid comes over with the game pad and says, "I'm going to watch too." Then show him flipping on the Tvii app as the dad says, "No! Don't use the nickel formation!" Then the kid says, "The gamepad clearly shows its a dime..." Then show the tvii's playbook. Lots of information creatively thrown into 30 seconds. I like the previous idea of having Iawata at the end saying "How will U play?"

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People know Netflix. I would show how you can move the show or movie back and forth from the tv and gamepad with ease. And be all " oh by the way you can do this with games too"



I would advertise it as the only system that currently has the Rayman Legends playable demo!

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Advertise how it is going to become irrelevant once the PS4 and new Xbox come out.

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Advertise it with some kind of "cool" factor. Too often it seems like Nintendo consoles are seen as the dorky little brother of Sony and Microsoft consoles. Though the name Wii U really doesn't help this, it's not a lost cause and the Wii U really has a chance to make up some ground with some kind of intelligent advertising strategy based on what the other gaming companies come up with in their "next gen" consoles.


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Advertise how it is going to become irrelevant once the PS4 and new Xbox come out.

Sure, so long as the next Xbox and/or PS4 are getting Mario (Kart), Metroid, Zelda, Smash Bros., etc. etc. etc. titles.

I've yet to see a Wii U commercial (Though to be fair I hardly watch anything on TV), so I'm not sure how they are advertising it currently. Personally, I'd show off the gamepad features (touchscreen menu's, swapping to Gamepad only mode, etc). Though, I'd show it with third party titles rather than with games like Nintendo Land.

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i would hire Penelope Cruz to toe point her beautiful legs into the air while embellishing in her 3DS triumphs.... with her sister...

oh wait...

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Get David Bowie to do a commercial saying it is a new console


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^this would work. even my dad would buy it!

put it on.


"Wii U: Totally revolutionizes the placement of the map!"
"Wii U: Next generation item management!"

There's some pretty rad potential slogans right there, that are sure to excite the general public.

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Maybe something similar to the 3DS commercials with campus people playing the systems.

Or a a line of commercials doing riffs off of older NES commercials.


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Might as well just deleted the comment. Forgot I had to make every post for 5 yr olds.

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Give examples of the robust 3rd party support like EA and Ubisoft.

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Price drop. It worked for the 3DS.

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Say: "This console stinks!" and give away scratch and sniff cards with each purchase.

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This ad is exactly what they need. It's simple and to the point. It places emphasis on it being a new system, shows Pikmin 3, shows two different uses for the gamepad and then shows some of the functionality of the Wii U. This is the type of advertisement they need.

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