Topic: If Wii U had a huge price tag?

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What if the Wii U started off just like the Neo Geo back in the day?

Would you still buy one?
Wii U $649.99
Games $199.99
Controller $89.99
Mostly made fighting games

It would never be like that,, but still a strange concept

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O_O no i go for ps4 though im still going to get a ps4 anyways

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i would not cop it ill wait untill price go down wii u is not worth all that trust me...

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I'll probably wait for the price drop.
and if the library was mostly fighters like the NeoGeo then i'll probably get it,i am a fan of fighters

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I'll buy one just before the economic reset.



Nintendo would be doomed and it would prove that they didnt learn their lesson from the 3DS launch.

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The Wii U pricing thread is here if you'd like to discuss any sort of rumor or speculation regarding its eventual price tag. Thank you! :3

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