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The most obvious, I think, is yet another screen for multiplayer. Three players each with their own screen, or up to six players total (assuming the Wii U can handle that).

Mario Kart U is likely going to support two gamepads, because once it becomes standard, then all the major titles will be supporting it. Maybe you could have two players each playing on a gamepad while the tv shows a more cinematic view of the race. Similar to what the camera does after you beat a race. It would be entertaining for people who aren't playing the game.

Smash Bros. U, perhaps players playing on the gamepad could have a more zoomed in view of their character so they don't get lost. Especially if Smash Bros. U adds in more than 4 players per battle. Or bring back the camera mode from Melee and the person using the gamepad can like get up and walk around the room as if they had a camera and were trying to get a good picture of the fight. So the view would change depending on where they were in relation to the tv and what angle they held it at.

Co-Op RPG. Each player would easily be able to access their inventory without the other character having to pause. Like Crystal Chronicles on the gamcube.

I'm sure Nintendo is going to come up with a new game, similar to Wii Play, that will introduce us to the uses of the second game pad, much as Nintendo Land has introduced to us the use of one gamepad. I'm not sure if it's going to be a Wii Sports U or Wii Play U, but I'm looking forward to whatever Nintendo comes up with. Maybe even a Nintendo Land 2, huh?

Well, what do you guys think?


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The next Madden and NCAA Football games should support it. Think of how immersive the game would feel then.

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I honestly thought that 2 gamepads being used at the same time was going to be part of launch. I thought that the Wii part of the system, was going to be played on the gamepad in terms of VC. I thought that I would be able to play a game on one gamepad(VC or not), while someone else could watch Netflix. There's alot of things they could do to make uses of 2 gamepads, but devs are trying to just incorporate even just one, but I'm sure once they see all the option, and how they work with the game, they will try and add it. Mario Kart could have the map and rear view mirrior, draw your own stage layout in the stage editor as a single gamepad use. Zelda would be map, items, sheild maybe, notes on map like Phantom Hourglass. Metroid would be map, notes on map, weapons and health, objective, maybe even first person on gamepad screen, and 3rd person on tv. Mainly alot of the main features like map will be on there I think, and inventory use...


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As for Nintendo Land, they should just make DLC for new games, or added features to current ones. I don't think Nintendo Land exactly needs a sequel ever, but maybe copy Disney and name it Nintendo World if they do. Super Smash could have the gamepad just show your character like you said up close, especially if you are invisible of for final Smash moves, percentage rules where it doesn't show up on screen, stock count, stage editor... I don't think the camera one would work, unless the camera on the tv wasn't changed, and you can use motion to capture a fight, or just regular controls to post on Miiverse. Theres alot of options, and theres also variety in how you would want to use the gamepad, if they incorporate more than one way to use it, and leave it to the player to customize the use of the gamepad, or touch controls availanle on it.


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I was thinking that similar to how the Wii Sports sequel was the perfect introduction to Wii Motion Plus, a Nintendo Land sequel down the line could be the perfect introduction to the use of two gamepads. It wouldn't make sense as DLC since I imagine it would come packed with another gamepad. Maybe the Park would be bigger and based off different genres of Nintendo Games and with two gamepads TWO people could explore at once. One of the attractions could be Balloon FIGHT Breeze and be just like the titular mode of the original game.

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Secret of Mana, but each person gets their own screen? There's definitely potential for a lot of ideas. I just can't think of any.

Best thread ever
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The elimination of screen peaking in local multiplayer for first person shooters

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Pikminsi wrote:

Perhaps this is why Pikmin 3 was delayed from launch, to add support for 2 game pads.

Doubt it. In fact, I bet money that it won't. 1) When asked if Pikmin 3 will have online multiplayer, Nintendo said no because of the gamepad: already, the positions of over 100 moving character models has to be sent back and forth constantly from the gamepad to the system, having that information sent over the internet AND to another gamepad would cause serious lag. 2) Before Nintendo caved to agree to have two gamepad support in the future (due to developers requesting it), their reasoning for not having the feature was that the processor already is being split in half between the gamepad and the system, adding aother gamepad would split it even smaller and could, once again, cause lag. Quite simply, Pikmin has a lot of moving "creatures" on screen at a time, it's not a matter of the system being underpowered but simply that, due to the nature of the game, it is a difficult feat to have all the model locations sent back and forth between more than just the gamepad and system dozens of times per second without slow down.

Granted, I would love to have such a feature if they could do it without lag, but based off of their previous comments I do not believe it would be feasible at this time, especially with how much they seem to be putting into the beautiful graphics for this title.

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My ideas: well, it's probably going with the obvious choice, but a spiritual successor to Zelda Four Swords... Two Swords? Or perhaps keeping it Four Swords and just have the gamepad passed between levels based off of score or something, the gamepad player gets some perks and so the competitive side of the game uses that as a reward! Of course, give the other players a handicap so one player doesn't hog it simply because they have the perks!

How about an RTS, maybe as a new IP, the two players (whether friends or allies) each can see through a fog of war on their gamepad based on unit locations.

On rails shooter, maybe like Umbrella Chronicles, two player co-op and both players can look around freely.

Metroid with a two player co-op? I suppose it could be risky to try to throw a new character in with Samus for a lead role, but it's not like the series hasn't taken worse risks, the right studio can make that work.

StarFox. The controller could work great for both co-op and battle, giving each player their own view.

Last, dare I say it... a card based RPG? Two player modes have the advantage of keeping your cards personal on each screen. I don't think the genre always turns out good but there's been a few gems, someone could make it work.

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Intrepid wrote:

Each player can see their own moves in Pokemon.

For something less obvious, they could do something similar to Advance Wars Dual Strike and have two battles happen at the same time on different screens.

The Pokemon idea could work, finally give us a good console RPG in the vein of the handheld titles (only HD), and could even make it co-op with two gamepads.

Better yet, Snap 2 with co-op. Oh man, trying to get better pics than your friend AT THE SAME TIME? That would be hot.

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Co-op surgery in Trauma Center. You heard it here first.

I also think a visual TCG with local co-op support could make use of this.



@ShadJV I guess I was being overly optimistic. The Pokemon Snap idea is genius though! Especially since my siblings never got to try Pokemon Snap. I wouldn't let them make a file until I beat the game, then my Wii broke.

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