Topic: I wish they gave Basic pre-orderers an opportunity like with the Deluxe

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What we see with the Deluxe in comparison to the Basic is that for $50 more, those with Deluxe also get Nintendoland, eShop discount, 24GB more storage, and the stand/cradle set for the Gamepad. We all know that Nintendoland by itself is going for $60, which shows just how much of an offer getting the Deluxe is. The problem is that the Deluxe got pre-ordered so quickly, it gave many people little choice but to get the Basic. The whole point of 2 sets was options, but none were really given, considering the circumstances. While nothing can really be done with the memory and discount, it would have been nice if those that pre-ordered the Basic package (you know, the people who wanted the Deluxe but couldn't due to supplies) before launch were given the opportunity to get Nintendoland and the stand/cradle combo for $50.


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