Topic: i was wondering, wonderful 101 is 60 bucks.......?

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The game costs 60 right now, got any approximate time that wonderful 101 will drop to 50 dollars.

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Well. I can't complain about this price over here in Germany. It's $60 as well (45€).
Games usually cost over $80(60€) here. Wii U games are pretty cheap compared to other platforms.
The most times my retailer give good offers and push the price to $47(35€) down for a limited time. Without Nintendo being involved.
I suggest you to look out for good offers.^^



ok thanks, i'll wait a few, and do some research too.

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It's £32.99 in some places here in the UK which is well worth it, try Amazon US which is usually good on prices here in the UK so thay should be the same in the US.



It is worth every penny.



Got it for 22€ at launch.



It's published by Nintendo so it wont go down from $60 for a long time. Nintendo does not slash prices on games like every once else. If you want it for less than $60 and new then you are going to have to look to Amazon or eBay.

EDIT: Amazon currently has it for $50.89.

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The only way you'll be able to get it for $50 is if you buy it online (hard copy) or buy it used or something, but I don't think it'll be dropping in the eShop anytime soon

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I would think there aren't that many copies out there. Could be hard to find a hard copy later on.

And it is the best game on the Wii U so far.

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It just did. Amazon has the game for $50 right now.

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The only reason why ninty games don't drop in prices its because they're so popular. When they're less popular than Mario kart brawl nsmb etc they usually do drop in price e.g. metroid other m wario or Kirby's epic yarn all dropped prices.

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