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If you look at the charts you can see that Wii U was managing a steady 40,000 a week in November for 3 weeks. At week 4 around the time Mario 3D World came out sales went all the way to over 100,000. Keep in mind that Mario 3D World was only out for 8 days and in that time frame it managed to move 200,000 copies . If Japan is a potential indicator Wii U sales could see a further rise in US. People are crowing about record breaking sales of PS4 and X1 but I just have a gut feeling that sales could see a bottom out following Christmas. Those sales were likely from two things, hype and pre orders. Even though its not really worth owning either system really at the moment, the loyalists, fanboys, and early adopters will snap it up anyway because its shiny and new and is the hot new gadget this season. Its pretty much the iPhone effect. If Wii U sees a further increase in sales this December it still may ave a chance

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Tasuki wrote:

Dont we have enough of these threads already?

Do you mean doom threads?


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Thank you for letting us know! In the meantime, you may want to check out our 'having fun is all that matters' thread. Enjoy! :3

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