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I just have to:

OptometristLime wrote:

wall of text

I really am tired of people overusing this term. A wall of text is when someone writes something really long without any paragraphs. Not two 4-5 sentence paragraphs wouldn't even count as a short essay.

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Fair enough, maybe you have a more appropriate term.
Wall of text (wot) is what a rant looks like on the page.


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Almost everything they have ever done. Pretty much most of the year, including now and for the foreseeable future, I've been on such a Nintendo kick that I'm only playing WiiU and 3DS titles (Save for some FF14 on PC with the wife). From each IP to each genre of games, Nintendo have created amazing games. Thank you!

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Okay, why not?

I thank Nintendo for giving me something that I can bond with my brother and friends over (and occasionally acquaintances). I thank Nintendo for making it easier for me to entertain kids whenever they come to my house. I thank Nintendo for creating the necessary tools for me to enjoy distinct experiences that I wouldn't be able to find elsewhere.

Now, Nintendo, I'd like a thank you for all of the money I threw at your company. Seriously. Reggie, get on this.



CanisWolfred wrote:

...sometimes I feel like I'm in a cult instead of a fandom. This is one of those times.

Haha, I agree. xD

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In spite of all the controversial decisions, I thank them for making great games

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