Topic: I Just Got A Free $10 eshop Card From Club Nintendo As An Apology For An Error!

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I got a letter from Club Nintendo today with a $10 eshop card because Nintendo made an error with my coin total that caused me not to reach gold status last year! You've got to give Nintendo some credit for being an honest company if it were Sony or Microsoft I doubt I would have even known that there was an error let alone being nicely compensated for the said error! Thank you Nintendo you're the best!

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Awesome, congrats.




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I own a Wii U and 3DS. I also own a PS4!

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Well, considering the amount of problems I've had with Club Nintendo's website over the years... I'm actually more bothered by the error than them sifting through a mountain of data to give you what you deserved.

Just give us our coins for registering our games. Enough of this survey nonsense. It doesn't do anybody any good. Am I the only one who values that time as much or more than the money I spend on Nintendo games? What to you guys figure they pay to support the survey system? Is there a tangible benefit for anyone?

(I'm talking empirical data, because I can safely quantify the amount of time I would waste to complete the over 80 surveys in my To-Do list: about 5-7 hours at 5 minutes a survey. That would get me through an entire game in my backlog. Never mind the amount of time I've wasted on surveys in the past, both successful and unfulfilled due to somewhat frequent system errors.)

Pffft, marketing... I don't owe these companies any more than my business. (Next company to ask me to 'like' something is totally not getting a Christmas card this year.)

EDIT: I "value this time as much or more than the 'money' I spend on Nintendo games." Bungled that phrase earlier.

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Yes, Sony and Microsoft have evil customer departments

Glad anecdotal evidence from Nintendo has proven this.



I once got PSN money from Sony because they had been erroneously charging me taxes.
And two free games that one time....

Meowph, that's right!

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Yeah when PSN was down Sony apologized and gave away PSN+ memberships, extended existing memberships, and gave away free games.

Microsoft is currently giving players refunds on Battlefield 4 for an error that even isn't their fault. They also extended warranties on every 360 and replaced any console experiencing hardware issues free of charge because they acknowledged their hardware problems.
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No picture of the amount or message they sent you? Ah well, personal information might show in the picture too.

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One time they accidentally charged me $10 extra, so I got $12 back when I called them.


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