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yeah. at first, I was upset at nintendo to fall again into the low powered engine for its generation. I mean, so far, the games look like PS3 games. I remained unimpressed. Maybe pikmin shown some high level fluidity yeah, but the engine doesnt seem to go further than , lets say, little big planet 2 did.

i looked back at the e3 press conference and something totally passed by without notice. in fact, i didnt see the first 5-10 minutes or so, and totally missed something major. you can play your WiiU without the need of your TV screen. someone can watch something, like your girlfriend watching her tv show, while you play your mario game right next to her.
also missed the fact that it will support 2 screenpads. TWO.

these 2 features are major. these 2 might make me buy the WiiU before considering the next playstation. I also miss the 2 player in the same room gaming, which the WiiU seems to promote with most of its games ! this is another major thing.
On my PS3, I can count the number of coop games (or 2 player split screen) on my hand. and most arent very entertaining after a little while.

2 player in the same room is what gave me the best gaming fun. snes, nes,gamecube,n643, ps1, genesis,etc....all of them featured that, and it got lost with years for hd experience, and online gaming solo in your living room. i miss playing with my girlfriend.

sorry nintendo. i dissed you too soon. i didnt realized at first your philosophy.

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LollipopChoSaw wrote:

Yep. I love the idea of playing HD console-quality games while relaxing in bed or while the TV's playing something else.

Then I realise that Nintendo just copied Sony's Vita. ^_^

How did they copy Vita?

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More than anything Sony might of copied Nintendo, afterall Nintendo showed that the Wii U can swap between the GamePad screen and the TV screen. Also the Vita and PS3 are different consoles, the Wii U and Wii U GamePad are used for the same console!

Yet again ChocoGoldfish, or whatever the hell your name is now, you fail. And if you just want to troll and get people to hate you, go somewhere else.

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This is a major seller for me. What I haven't heard though is whether Wii games or VC games would be able to be played on the GamePad screen. There are still a load of Wii games I haven't played but if i could play them on this then i would happily invest. Same for VC, I never got into the Wii VC but wouldn't mind a few games on there.


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Very mature, Waltz.

@Samholy: Glad to hear you've changed your mind on the Wii U! If you'd like a place to discuss the particulars of any of the E3 showings, please feel free to use this thread here. Thank you! :3

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