Topic: I am ashamed, but after this direct I'm really excited about...

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...the karaoke game that will be available on next thursday

I'm no joking, I'm really a karaoke junkie and probably I'm only one of the fews in this forum

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I know many many people who are absolute karaoke fdanatics Youre definitly NOT alone with this. But in my hands, it would be very very dangoures...i sound like a roadkill frog


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@Cesco LOL be who you are. Its all good. I hope you have fun with it when it releases

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karaoke is cool no need to be ashamed! most people only dislike karaoke because they have bad singing voices (though I like it even with a not-so-good voice)

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To each their own, as long as they don't try to force theirs on others who clearly don't care and then get mad when don't.

In other words, trolls (of which you are not).

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Don't be ashamed, people who don't like karaoke in asia are frowned upon, while in the west its the other way around (unless people are drunk) lol.
Its a funny old world we live in .



We all have that one game that we are somewhat ashamed that we enjoy.

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We love some karaoke at our house (especially when good food and hard drinks are around) so yeah, no need to be ashamed. You like what you like and screw anyone who can't respect that.

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I'm personally ashamed yet excited that I've almost filled up a 500 GB hard drive with adult movies. It was a long and wild ride.

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