Topic: Hyrule Warriors (& Legends) - Toon Zelda released, next dlc pack out in october!

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Not big on Dynasty Warriors... I liked Legends of Troy though, so I will definitely watch this one. Zelda doesn't really have any spin-offs, so I'm looking forward to this. This is probably supposed to hold people over until Zelda Wii U.
I love Link's character model in this as well. I like the incorporation of the fire rod too.

The title card at the end made me laugh though.



The game looks great to me.

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Blastoise-san wrote:

The game looks great to me.

The game is still early and will obviously see improvements later on.



I can't see this coming out in Spring. Late summer at the earliest.

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cookiex wrote:

I can't see this coming out in Spring. Late summer at the earliest.

It depends how long its been in development and Warrior Games even ones like this and gundam usually have a quick turnaround time. If it wasn't coming out soonish it would probably be in Next Month's direct.


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My guess is we are looking at a Summer release as there seems to be a drought there in whats coming out. It's good to see though that Nintendo is expanding its franchises into new territories.

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Gioku wrote:

...that title card at the end was really... lame, lol.

Yeah, everything was so "epic" until that point. Then BOOM, generic white text on a black background. After so much buildup with Link opening the chest. Hilarious anticlimax.

Never played a Dynasty Warriors game before, but this spin-off looks fun. I'm looking forward to it, surprisingly a lot in fact, hopefully we get more info on it sometime soon.

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I actually think this looks pretty fun. I hope it has online multiplayer.

And I hope it has different playable characters. Not really living up to "Warriors" if Link is the only playable character.

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They probably haven't made the title card yet

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this looks like its gonna be pretty awesome. it is definitely a big shift to the zelda universe of games, but i think it has a lot of potential. it seems like it will be more focused on one of the wars that we normally only hear about in the story thats happened between games.

it does seem like this style of game may have been more suited to kid icarus though, it would be nice to see more of him soon either way.

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Hey look, a Nintendo collab title with an arguably underappreciated japanese gaming dev. It's like I called this as a trend or something.

This would be a good excuse to get into a Dynasty Warriors type's not high on my priorities yet though. I do think the attacks look amazing, reminds me of when I first saw Link in Soul Caliber 2 for some reasons.

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If they decided to use this Link in Zelda U I would freak out

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I like the look of this Link so very much.

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I think this game will definitely be a winner.

I feel this way for two reasons.

First of all, Nintendo wouldn't let such a beloved franchise as Zelda take a nosedive. Their collaboration with TecmoKoei on this project is bound to make it a fun experience all the way through. I'm interested to play it.

Second, it works. The Zelda series in such an action-packed hack and slash fits pretty well. Puzzles thrown in the midst of that (which I don't think there will be since it's a Warriors game) would only make it even better.

I can't wait. Looks really exciting.

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Bringing in third parties to develop games for the in-house franchises such as Zelda - Metroid: Other M could be considered a warning example.

On the other hand, I admit to liking Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, which was my first contact with this series. If they can eliminate the pop-in at ridiculously low distances, I'll be happy. WO3H was an early WiiU game, so maybe they've optimized their code since then. Maybe the models will be stylized to a simpler model and allow for more characters on screen == longer draw distance. We probably won't know until the game is released.

Still, I think this is actually what people have wanted - Nintendo working (==probably paying) to get well-known 3rd parties bring exclusives to the system (Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101, Sonic: Lost World). It sure is what I want - if the game is for me any fun to play.

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I actually thought this might be the new Zelda title, and the combat looked so baddonkey, then to realize it's just a spin-off. Oh well, it still looks pretty baddonkey. I see a lot of people complaining about the graphics, though, and just complaining about Nintendo in general, already. -_-
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Kodeen wrote:

I'm cautiously optimistic. Please don't be another 'Other M'.

To be fair, this isn't going to be part of the main series like Other M was in Metroid.



This should have been the VGX awards announcement. TOO MUUUCCHH HHYYPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!

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Link looks amazing. I love the design.

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Kind of ironic that so many people hated the SS artstyle back when it came out, but then they use it again, albeit in HD, and everyone loves "the way Link looks!" And I know that the some of the people that were hating on SS's artstyle aren't the same ones praising it when it's in HD, but still.... Similar to the reaction to WW.

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