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It would've been great for Pikmin instead of the sticks.

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A game in which you play as the AI of a spaceship. You have been activated because of some deadly catastrophe and now are tasked with eliminating the enemy threat and finding out what has happened on the ship. "How can an AI with no body do that?" you ask. Your gamepad is the map of the ship... bear with me... with camera locations, computer locations, etc., etc. You tap on camera locations to switch your TV view to the camera view all across the ship which you can control with the gamepad sticks.

There will be puzzles to solve and enemies to kill so you'll have to access computer terminals remotely to listen/watch/read files, unlock doors, and activate combat/maintenance drones to do your work for you. You won't control these drones directly, however. You will set their perameters (weapons tight, free, etc.) and draw their movement on the map (gamepad) much like you do in that Yoshi game in NintendoLand. When they encounter an issue they will contact you and you will be able to switch back to their view directly and/or a camera in the area to deal with whatever.

If there are objects in a room you'll have to send a drone to retrieve them and only then would you be able to truly study them through the drones "eyes". Drones will be required to complete any puzzles that require "hands on". You can hack into most anything remotely I suppose... I'm just rambling now.

------- Other game ideas

Similar to audehtv's idea which is a great time travel game idea... perhaps a Zelda-like game where a rift traps you in between the light and dark realm and you can (and must) go between both to solve puzzles. The light world will be on your TV, the dark will be on your gamepad. Whichever world you are not in will display your "ghost" image. You can carry items between realms, but not people. You have to find tears in the fabric to bring them through... has this game been made before?

METROID - A game similar to the SNES version or, I suppose, Other M in that it is a 3D side scroller where you have to run around and collect powerups, solve puzzles, etc., etc. The center screen will be a first person view of the area that you can activate to scan your surroundings or perhaps even play in first person mode whenever you want.

A magic game (similar to what's already been mentioned) where you learn runes that can be combined to create magical spells both good and bad. Different levels will add a rune to create complexity. It will start with a base rune, then you add on however many runes your level allows. The order will matter. You have to draw the runes on the gamepad screen in order to activate them, obviously.

An action adventure game where the person holding the Wii Gamepad is the "commander" of the team and can, pre-mission, draw paths for other players to follow. During the mission they can mark enemies, drop in supply drops, so on. The other players would play on the TV using the Wii-motes.

An RTS where the player holding the Gamepad is the "commander" and is focused on building the base and taking care of research, building, etc. The other players are focused on resource gathering and battles on the TV. Perhaps one other player is the resource gatherer, the other is combat... whatevs.

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The second screen is the wiiU's most unique feature. for some reason, developers use it all the time on the DS in the most creative ways, but almost never is it implemented creatively on the WiiU.

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