Topic: How would you like the Wii U controller to work?

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What creative ways do you think or want the Wii U controller to work? I think it would be cool if you could use it like the Periscope in Steel Diver. Any Ideas?

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Radixxs wrote:

I would like it to work well.

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Whatever Nintendo puts in it will be great. I can't think of anything else I would want to add.

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I want it to just work! i am so super excited for this system.



i want it to work but idk about that big controller i still like my ps3 controller atleast its not the wii remote that remote got on my nerves then i got a classic remote but only worked with certained games but any things better then the wii remote (wii remote is not that bad just annoying if motion not involed like TOS2: DOTNW which i like the game but controls and were awkward)

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you can hold the controller up to scan and search for enemies, maps, weapons, health/energy tanks

mario paint- using a stylus you can draw, paint on the touch-screen

as well as playing the game with the controller via the tv screen, you can switch the coverage onto the controller and say you go into a different room, you can continue with the same game. therefore it acts like a handheld console, a bit like using a 3DS.



i would like it to sit quietly by my side while i play with the wii remote.

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As a controller. I don't want gimmicks.

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itd be pretty cool for maps and huds so you dont clutter the big screen

other than that, there are millions of gimmicks you could do with it, all of which would only work in certain cases where the game makes it work



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