Topic: How would you feel if Nintendo Delayed Wii U Into 2013

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I wouldn't really care in the slightest.

I'm honestly not that excited about the WiiU. I've got enough on my plate 'o games already...

I'm working on a game that's coming out soon!
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I'm in between wanted a new game system, because i am trying to save up for a brand new television set to a HD 1080p to have a home theater entertainment system. This will give me some more time to save up for a Wii U.

But also i'm bummped because i don't have a Wii, my lil nephew somehow detroied it , so if they delay the Wii U i will try to save up for a 3DS. Hard times we are in hard times as it is.



Happy, there's nothing I'm anticipating.. .yet. Also, like others have said, it will be easier to save up money!

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More time to spend on games for my 3DS and the inevitable Guild Wars 2



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