Topic: How to Use Your Own Miis in Nintendoland Multiplayer?

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Did a Google search for this and couldn't find an answer, and the Nintendoland instruction manual is no help either. How can I use other Miis on the system (they were imported from the Wii, if that matters) for second+ players in multiplayer. It's just giving me the option of my Mii and the generic Miis. Thanks!

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Do you need to set them up as users?
I think that might be it.

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I just created Miis for all my family members and they were instantly available in NintendoLand.

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I set one up as a user, but I have some that are friends that come over every once in a while, so I don't want to set all of them up as users. If that's what has to happen, that's kind of annoying, but they can live with the guest miis, I guess.

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@Token_Girl: Go into Mii Maker and set the Miis you want to play with as "favorite." I think that should do it.

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this is also a problem for me in the espn sports connection game, if anyone has that game is there a way to use 2 avatars? my roommate wants to play golf with me but hes a lefty and i cant figure out how to use 2 different characters, only a guest for the 2nd player.



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