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Imagine star wars battlefront 3, incorporating the squads and commanders of the battlefield series on PC.
Now imagine an unprecedented level of control made possible by the Wii-U's touchscreen controller.


Notice in the image:
Virtual buttons, including two 'shift' style buttons that changes what each virtual button does (Hit S1 and all of the virtual buttons change for the next button press. Same for S2, giving the player 22 additional buttons not shown that could be used for whatever the developer wanted).

You're a leader of a squad of 5, defending point A on a hill in a gunship when you spot a large force that you believe outnumbers your squad. Although busy flying, you spare the .5 seconds needed to swipe a circle around the command point on your map, tap the number 3, and draw a line to the next point.
Objective information instantly displays on the top right of your squad's tv screen:
-Defend the outpost (countdown: 2:59)
Next objective: Assault Point B
The map on their wii u controllers displays the route drawn to the next point.

The commander, fighting in a heavy STAP on the other side of the map notices that point C is being taken. He swipes an X over the point, informing nearby forces to attack.

Still squad leader, you notice the commander's change of plans. You decide to act on them, hitting the C button to clear the objectives, swiping a triangle around point A and tapping the X drawn on point C by the commander.
The squad receives new orders:
-Fighting retreat from point A to reinforce point C.

<Edit: I have also posted this on . Would like to see feedback, particularly if there would be interest in this kind of battlefield-style shooter on a Nintendo console. I was a little let down by the zombiU title, because I feel that what is needed to court core FPS gamers from the PS3 and 360 isn't another Zombie title).

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lol. The Wii remote + Nunchuck already revolutionized FPS's(Metroid Prime 3, Elebits ect), the Wii U Gamepad just takes it a complete generation back to dual analog with touch screen/2nd window into the gaming world elements. One major step backwards and one step forward...For me, it's a complete fail for first and 3rd person titles where I'm required to aim and the like since i'd have to use dual analog.

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Oh, your idea just revolutionised the entire FPS industry by incorporating your concepts on one single game into a Photoshop image? Golly, I expect to see you on the stage of next year's E3. I‘m sorry, but if you really want to get your ideas across, you‘ll have te be more general for others to understand; I‘ve never even caught a glimpse of Stars Wars Battlefront 3, so I had a hard time having an idea of what you‘re on about.

It seems interesting in concept from what I can pick out with the incorporated touch-screen controls, though it doesn‘t seem that revolutionary. It would be a nice new way to experience an FPS though.

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Could revolutionize FPS. But probably won't.

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Don't be asses people.

How would that work in multiplayer.

I'm still wondering what happened to ghost recon online.


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Can fix the FPS splitscreen, hate how my friend is always screen looking when playing Goldeneye damn cheater. >__>

N-Nintendo has found

3-3 ways to



How real men get the firearrows


Well, if the FPSes on WiiU don't support Wii Remote and Nunchuk, I'm not buying. I'm over the archaic controls of FPSes with dual analogues.



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