Topic: How many Wii U games will you personally need this year for the console to be satisfying?

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None, I'm actually planning on skipping wii u altogether this year, maybe get it when X is released which I'm guessing will be next year some time. then pick up WW HD and game & wario to go with it.



2-3 really good games that are exclusive to the system would suffice.
3-4 games that are available on other platforms, but have various WiiU unique features would be a bonus.

That would just about do.

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This year I will be getting:

Pikmin 3
Shovel Knight
Duck Tails
Batman Arkham Origins (Maybe)
Rayman Legends
Zelda: WW HD
Sniper Elite V2
Cloudberry Kingdom
Mutant Mudds Deluxe
Pokemon Rumble U
Plus all the 30 cent Virtual Console games

If they are released this year:
Mario Kart
New 3D Mario
The Wonderful 101
Bayonetta 2
Yoshi Yarn

So I call this a hugely successful year. (Yes I know some of those game are available for other systems but I want them on Wii U)

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Ark_Sin wrote:

Dude, I want a Klonoa game on Wii U

Me too sadly the games just don't seem to sell too well, pretty sure they considered porting klonoa 2 to the wii if the sales for the first where good, as it didn't happen sadly I have to guess it just didn't sell too much, very underrated series.



I have 10 games so far and im already pleased. There are still plenty of games that are out that i havent acquired yet (i dont even have Nintendo Land yet) so its not that there is nothing to play until Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 and Resident Evil: Revelations in May-June and even to the fall when more games surely will arrive. Not to mention Wii-games, in one month i have acquired 23 Wii games which im playing on the Wii U.. Not a single one with Mario on the cover.



It doesn't matter how many games I buy for the Wii U. It all depends on the quality and replay value of each individual title I bother spending my money on.

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My general rule for a console purchase is that it has 10 games I want, with 5 of them being in different genres.

So far, the WiiU only has 2 games I want, hence why I don't own one yet. I will get one when it releases more of the games it has announced though.



Chrono_Cross wrote:

It doesn't matter how many games I buy for the Wii U. It all depends on the quality and replay value of each individual title I bother spending my money on.

TBH, I conform to this line of thinking the most.
It sounds less entitled.

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Quality over quantity for me. So 5-10 great games would do it.
Anything else is a bonus.

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Four more months until Bayonetta 2.

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I just need one absolutely incredible game by Nintendo. I'm hoping Pikmin 3 fits the bill. And Rayman Legends would also be a game that will make the system worth it for me.

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As of now I have 2. Just ordered NSMBU on Amazon and will get a deluxe Wii U over the weekend, which of course will include Nintendo Land. Scribblenauts Unlimited will probably be the next after that, if not then certainly Pikmin 3.


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I only have NintendoLand and ZombiU

NintendoLand kept me very entertained for about a month (trying to collect all the stamps especially, it took many hours) and the 5 player multiplayer also took up a good amount of time

ZombiU didn't entertain me very much. Most of the game is killing zombies with a cricket bat and occasionally using a gun. I understand that it's survival horror but it's still not very entertaining. The multiplayer is just awful as well. Maybe I'll try completing the entire game and see if it gets any better (I'm a little after the part where the zombies are having a party in the apartment)

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I wish I could get a Wii U version of Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and the new Mario this year; but I know it's not going to happen, at least not that soon

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ive got 4 games at the moment pretty much stopped playing it now and gone back to xbox for games. i still use my wii u everyday tho which shows how useful it is really. either just to browse the internet, miiverse or a few rounds on punch out while my girlfriends watching the tv. the only game im really hyped for at the moment is rayman. id also really like to get scribblenaughts when it finally releases over here!!!

but yeah id say on top of what ive got which is:
NL, NSMBU, AC3 and darksiders id like scribblenaughts, rayman, windwaker hd, bayonetta 2, pickmin 3, watchdogs, AC4, NFS most wanted and yarn yoshi. hey this years not looking so bad after all wii u will be an amazing console to own come christmas!

put it on.


Currently own 8 and plan on getting between 10-12 finances permitting.

IE: Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, Scribblenauts U, Wonderful 101, LoZ Windwaker, Mario Kart U, Lego Marvel, Injustice, 3D Mario , Game & Wario, Yarn Yoshi, Project Cars?, Wii U Party, X2

Assume Smash Bros and Legend of Zelda U is end of 2014.

I'd be happy with half of that if games had decentish content AND replay value. Many Nintendo console titles have enormous replay value.


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Waiting for Pikmin 3, and hoping Pinball Arcade will hit the E-shop, that would be great. Hoping Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 turn out good too.
I got Lego City, Bit trip Runner 2 & The Cave this year so 3 great games there already this year.

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For me to consistently play my Wii U over my PC, I would need about 5 or 6 amazing games to come out this year. Pikmin 3 will be one, Injustice will be one, but the other 3 or 4 slots are up in the air. If Wind Waker does end up coming out this year, I will be pretty darn happy and content for quite some time.



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