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hopefully animal crossing stays on portables. the wii version was difficult to play

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BandG wrote:

hopefully animal crossing stays on portables. the wii version was difficult to play

Like control wise?



AC:NL is all I've played this past week. It is all that and a bag o' chips. I would have no interest in a console version, as it makes so much sense to me on a portable.

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Honestly, if it's an expansion off of New Leaf (Cityyy Fooolk), I'm not playing it, I'm not talking about it, and I'll continue playing New Leaf instead of investing my time and money in yet another one of Nintendo's lazy cash ins.

Oh, and this is coming from a colossal fan. (-:

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@bezerker I totally agree with you. Wild World is easily the worst one. Even looking past the horrible framerate, the fact that they took out the real-life holidays is just unacceptable for an Animal Crossing game, imo.


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@pikku - Exactly! Wild World was very slooooooow. And I wasn't a fan of the made-up holidays either. Blech.

I agree that City Folk was essentially "Wild World 1.5" and I understand how there's frustration there. But at least CF was more polished than it's predecessor.

Also...........I play my handheld 3DS on the same couch that I play my home consoles. So, it's hard for me to differentiate what games/franchises should be strictly held to handhelds and which to home consoles.

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@Bezerker For coming out nearly three years later on a stronger system, I'd certainly hope it would be more polished. lol

undead_terror wrote:

Make it like minecraft, the kiddies would go nuts for it.

I'm pretty sure Minecrosoft Minecraft isn't hip anymore.

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bezerker99 wrote:

3DSFan134 wrote:

bezerker99 wrote:

People here complaining about City Folk being terrible. If any AC was bad, it was Wild World which was on a portable, btw

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Prof_Clayton wrote:

Nintendo has proved recently that it is keeping the series around by adding the Villager to Smash Bros. They will definitely bring one to the Wii U, think about it.

Lol. Don't ever think that having a character added to Smash Bros. means more games are in the works. Lets not forget the fact that Mother/Earthbound characters were added to older games, and that Megaman is in the newest one.

@bezerker99 - The DS version sold almost three times as much as the Wii version, and was more highly regarded by reviewers in general.

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3DSFan134 wrote:

Thanks! Now I know how to make letters small,btw.[/sub]

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The only way I would give a Wii U Animal Crossing any serious consideration would be if it was a big enough expansion to not make you ask yourself why you don't just go back to New Leaf. I enjoyed City Folk (until my disk stopped working anyway) and while off-screen play would be a nice fit for the series they'll need to add mounds of new content and make a game that looks like it couldn't be on the 3DS to catch my interest.



Honestly, City Folk is by far my least played Animal Crossing. When I was a kid, I played the original for hours on end, taking breaks for months at a time, and then diving back in if I ran out of stuff to play. I surely played it more than any other GC game (well.. I probably played Melee more, but whatever).

When Wild World came out, I freaked out. The ability to play Animal Crossing on a handheld simply astounded me. It's certainly high up on my most played DS games list (I'm sure the Dragon Quest games and some Pokemon games probably beat it) and, once I played it, I was unsure if I would ever want another Animal Crossing console game. The thing is, I would have my DS with me most of the time - in the car, on vacation, at home - but I had much less time to play my consoles.

When City Folk was released, I was considering it. It looked like fun, as all Animal Crossing games do. But I distinctly recall having a couple games to play when it was released, so I sort of forgot about it. About a year or so passed. I was looking through a bargain bin, when I saw Animal Crossing: City Folk + Wii Speak for 10$! It was a steal, and I had to get it (in this same bargain bin, I found Metroid: Other M WITH a Balance Board charger for some reason for 10$, Trauma Center 2nd Opinion for 5$, Hotel Dusk for 2$, and a lot more... I always look forward to going through it because there are so many awesome deals most of the time, and the games are always new and in perfect condition). So I go home and pop in the disc.

It was fun. But it was also more of the same. Wide World felt a lot fresher, and felt like it added a lot more than City Folk did, not to mention the fact that it was on a HANDHELD. City Folk added... Well, there was the City, which in my opinion really wasn't much. It remains my least played Animal Crossing game. I've already played New Leaf about 35 hours (which isn't much compared to some, but is in the top 10 of my activity log for me) and I believe I couldn't have played City Folk more than 25 or 30.

Animal Crossing is much better suited for a handheld simply due to the nature of the game. My first ever downloaded Retail game was New Leaf, and I haven't looked back since. I've now got it with me wherever I go, so if I ever get bored of some future 3DS release, I can always check on my town in New Leaf. Animal Crossing simply belongs on a handheld (in my opinion). I'm not sure if I'd even consider a Wii U version unless Nintendo really wowed me with a bunch of new features and some excellent graphics.

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