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Topic: How do you think/wish the next Zelda will be like?

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We'll probably going to be hit with irony or something with this game, kinda like with Skyward Sword. Not that there's nothing wrong with the game, but was expecting something different there. :p

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Another Update: Also Yuuki...from School Rumble...
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Huge overworld, various secrets within the overworld, side quests that matter, real time physics and lighting, ultra smooth animations, more combat moves(like TP), etc.
Maybe Link and Zelda co-op.

Oh ya, there's a sidequest where you have to dispose of Tingle, but it turns out he was Navi all along.




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I'd like them to keep and expand upon the upgradable weapons. It kept old tools interesting and gave a reason for wanting so many rupees. I'd like the challenges (caves, islands, etc. ) for heart pieces. Skull kid to make an appearance. Art style either new or distinctly real or artistic. I'm not really a fan of the compromise between the two that Skyward had. Orchestrated music - I expect it but Nintendo is odd about the music - Creative boss battles. Zelda bosses are so hit and miss. Oh! And please, please! Change the whole forest temple must be first, then fire, then water. They always make the first temple the least challenging which I understand but I'd enjoy a late challenging forest temple.


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Wow, you all have come up with wonderful ideas! I hope they read this.
I'd like these guys to return! The elder one too, his laugh was funny!

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