Topic: How do you feel about Peach getting kidnapped TWICE in 4 MONTHS!!!

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mario just forget about peach and go to samus(zero suit) you will be much happier



They need to put some plot into WHY Bowser is kidnapping Peach, which is why I liked SMG, he didn't steal just Peach but also the castle. But Bowser kidnaps Peach and that's about it really... I know you shouldn't expect a plot from the Mario series, but I think it would make it more fun.

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how do i feel? unsuprised .-. at some point i kinda just learned to accept that its going to happen, and i think the characters have learned to just accept it too. bowser learned to accept that hes always going to be capturing peach cus theres noting else to do i guess. peach has learned to just let herself get kidnapped because .... if a formula aint broke dont fix it? and marios learned to accept that hes always going to be saving princess peach because .... no body else wants to apparently. this goes on for the rest of their lives untill one of them says to themselves "no ... no im not gona go on with this, im sick of it and im not doing it again, just .... no!" but untill that happens im most likely going to feel acceptance, and a lack of suprise.

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I am not liking the Daisy hating on this topic, Daisy is awesome! Anyway, you have to wonder what is going through everyone's mind when the same scenario repeats itself. I guess its what randomusername said, they are all just going through the motions. What does Peach do at Bowser's castle anyway, just sit in a cage while Bowser is off doing other things?

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At least they'll have an actual reason for her being kidnapped...the other games its just
Bowser: "I'm going to kidnap you for no reason!"
In the RPGs she doesn't even always get kidnapped by Bowser.


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