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Topic: Hope You Got Your Wii U If You Wanted It From GameStop...

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

A-Hungry-Banker wrote:

At least people can now start buying Vita's

Just in time for New Little King's Story!

Why buy a Wii U when a PS3 and Vita can do the same thing!

Have my Deluxe ordered from Toys r Us. I'll be at my apartment safe when it arrives :3

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I haven't preordered yet because i dont have enough for it. However, I have 3 'mom & pop' stores near me in a 2 mile radius. One of them is bound to have it there on release day. That's how I got my 3DS ;)

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thelastlemming wrote:

HD_Visor wrote:

Maybe if I wear a size too smal v-neck ill look alpha enough that nobody will mess with me. Or just bring my fiancé along. Yeah, do something sill that puts her in danger over a video game console, I dare ANYBODY at that mining by release.
Srsly though, my buddy got stabbed at the release of the PS3. AND IT DIDN'T GET STOLEN!

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I don't think there will be a shortage. This is just a hype builder. Retailers have probably been allocated there first lot of units, they will probably be allocated more prior to launch. Same with these wallies queuing for iPhone 5, i just phoned up a store yesterday they had some in stock, put a couple aside for me and i went down to pick em up. I have my Wii-U pre-order in just in case though!

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I pre-ordered on the 19th.